Linda Joy Benn a Change Agent specializing in Vitality Strategies 

Make a positive change today, your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

Do you feel Stressed? Tired? Overwhelmed? Anxious?

Do you experience Pain or Illness in your body? 

Linda Joy Benn teaches you to  “Live Stress Free, Increase Your Energy and Make Your Inner Light Shine”

How would your life change if you could live with less stress?  Learn how to re calibrate your internal GPS to create greater abundance of time, love, joy and health.  Learn to eliminate needless worry and energize yourself with Linda’s  “No Worries Mate” philosophy.

Linda has created her own technique called the BENN Technique combining a unique combination of several modalities that empowers her clients to create and achieve their desired outcome with ease and grace on all levels. Being a Medical Intuitive, she shifts energy blocks in the physical body and can quickly identify the root cause of a problem to transform into a miracle in the mind that originally created the pain/illness or disease. She specializes in trauma held in the body either emotional or chronic physical pain. She empowers her clients to make higher choices for their journey and destiny. After a session, a person walks away feeling empowered, calm, peaceful, balanced, energized and the healing and releases continue over time.

She also facilitates workshops to help shift old paradigm thinking, old belief patterns, emotional blocks and resistance to make positive changes and new ways of being. 


Linda’s Private practice by appointment only plus virtual sessions over Skype

What people have to say about Linda’s work:

The first time I met Linda I was taken back by the positive and loving energy radiating from her. It was such a warm and wonderful sensation. I had never experienced such a feeling when first meeting someone and have never experienced it since meeting Linda.

Di Aiken-Process Specialist. Brisbane Qld

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Linda Benn

    Live Stress Free, Increase Your Energy and Make Your Inner Light Shine

                                                  – Linda Benn, The Renowned Wellness Expert in California


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