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I mentioned in my February newsletter about my Love Program. This is a 21 day program to transform old habits and beliefs and focus on SELF LOVE! Love thy Self. This is not being selfish,this is honoring you first with love, when you are whole and complete, then you can share it with others. This is healthy love. Not co-dependent. You will upgrade your conscious human operating system and change the software program to LOVE. This 21 days of consistent daily love tools and techniques will support you to break old sabotaging programming from the past and upgrade you to LOVE. This program is total transformation. You can start when you are ready, you choose.  I am here to support you on your journey. You receive 21 days of support from me for only $222 (222=love) you will learn how to cope with every situation, emotion and button pushing during this 21 days and feel empowered, strong, resilient and grounded. After 21 days there are other programs to continue to support you on your journey either weekly or biweekly depending on your schedule. 

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