ABOUT LINDA BENN – Vitality Strategist and Change AgentLinda Benn

Born and raised in Australia, Linda Benn brings a breath of fresh air to the USA

Linda Joy Benn is an Industry Expert and leader in consciousness revolution. Her mission is to help people thrive by helping them lead a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Linda specializes in Holistic health to transform people’s minds and body. Her gift of Medical Intuitive helps to shift energy blocks in the body & mind and quickly identifies the root cause to transform miracles. She has the ability to know exactly what the body wants and incorporates all her tools to achieve the best possible results. Linda empowers her clients to create & achieve their desired outcome easily. She created a 5 step process which incorporates the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. – Linda’s 5R Renewal program

  • Release – physical pain, negative emotions, limiting beliefs for improved clarity, focus & happiness
  • Realign – Energy into the body, thoughts and spirit to stay in alignment with source to create & feel energized
  • Restore – Your body with nutrition, your spirit with meditation for overall health & vitality 
  • Rebalance – chakras, work/life, self care, self love, time management and nutrition
  • Re-energize – Your life with super energizing tips that keep you in high vibration

Linda started bodywork/massage back in 1999 as she knew she had the ‘healing touch’. Over the years she learned many modalities and focuses her healing gift  on the mind/body connection. Her passion is to teach and share her wisdom and energy in her workshops, seminars, and presentations. The people who come to her are ready to make massive changes in their life. With her life experiences, she empowers, encourages and inspires others to take charge of their own lives. She facilitates the healing process by assisting them to be aware of their thoughts, to focus on the positive to attract more positive into their lives for their future.

She is passionate about helping to shift consciousness and expand awareness through her workshops to help others to learn in a creative way through love, laughter, fun, joy and adventure (her moto). She teaches how to access your own divinity by becoming energetically energized to access your own natural healing abilities. She empowers people to believe they can  heal themselves by listening to their heart, make choices and decisions for their highest good and destiny.


  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc.
  • Diploma of Health Science – Remedial Therapies
  • Diploma Metaphysical Practitioner
  • Certificate IV Remedial Therapies – Massage Therapy
  • Certificate IV Remedial Therapies – Aromatherapy
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment TAA40104
  • California Certified Massage Therapist
  • Pellowah Healing Trainer Level 1,2,3
  • Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner (520 hours)
  • Certificate Yoga Teaching 200 hours
  • Certified Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic programming
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist
  • Certified master practitioner Time Line Therapy™
  • Certified Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certificate in Business
  • Facial Harmony Balancing Practitioner
  • Cranial Sacral Therapist (osteopathic)
  • Practitioner in Body Electronics & Meta Body Electronics
  • Advanced Landmark Education
  • Ora Vibration Therapy
  • Reiki 1 & II
  • Ordained Minister Reverend
  • Psychic Energy Course
  • Sound Therapy International Key Level Distributor
  • National Speakers Association of Australia
  • Australian Association of Massage Therapists
  • Society of Ortho-Bionomy® Australia
  • Society of Ortho-Bionomy® International
  • Senior First Aid/CPR – Qld Ambulance
  • Medibank Private & all Australian Health Funds
  • American Board of NLP – Master Practitioner
  • The Time Line Therapy® Association- Master Practitioner


Graduate – Thriving Business Platinum Program

Dr Barbara De Angelis Program (12months)

Robert Stevens – Mastery Systems

Brendan Burchard – High Performance Coaching


Linda Benn
Redwood City California 94061

tel: ✆ 415 290 3793
email: ✉ linda@lindabenn.com