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In May 2016, I departed from San Francisco to start my Journey. My intention for my vision quest journey was to go much deeper in my spiritual practice of self inquiry, asking the question of “Who am I?” During the 3 months in Coste Rica, I immersed myself in meditation, being present in the moment, being in silence and stillness while being aware. Learning to drop everything – all form, identities, concepts, ideas, beliefs and thoughts – release, surrender and let go (my mantra) I will post an audio meditation on this. 

My learning from this journey comes from many Masters and Sages. Mooji is a living master who learnt from Papaji. He has an Ashram in Portugal which is his home called Monte Sahaja about 3 hours south of Lisbon in the mountains. In August I attended Mooji’s 11 day silent meditation retreat. To be in his presence was a beautiful experience to feel his loving energy. We did 2 satsang each day and lots of contemplation time to integrate from each satsang. The land and surrounding were amazing, we agreed to not take photos though there are many video’s and pictures on his site. My whole life has been about being the pioneer exploring new realms to encourage others who are on their path and ready to wake up. All my experiences are lessons learnt to share to help others.
After Portugal,  I returned to California in September for about 6 weeks then arrived in Brisbane, Australia on October 27. I was in Brisbane for 2 weeks then had a week in Port Macquarie which is half way to Sydney. I got the train to Sydney and staying in Redfern while I work on my many projects for my next direction. It feels so good to be back in Australia and reconnect with the energy and Aussie culture! I really appreciate how friendly and relaxed everyone is. This has been a big contrast for me since arriving back. The ‘No worries Mate” philosophy is what I took to the USA 6 years ago when the economy changed in 2010 and the energy was full of fear.

One of my projects that I am working on is to teach my intuitive bodywork techniques to massage therapists who want to up-skill and incorporate many intuitive techniques into their massage techniques. More on this later. Stay tuned!


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