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Steps to Surrender Thoughts and Attachments

Do you long to connect and feel the nature of your true self? Are you longing to be free of suffering, judgements, limiting beliefs and negative feelings? Are you willing to know the God that you are? Do you want peace and love more than your negative thoughts about yourself? Who or what would you

Recordings of 2 Meditations to help you be calm, happy, relaxed and enjoy the holiday season around family that trigger you

This call was for the Bliss Call of a friend Moneeka. The topic is how to stay calm, relaxed, and centered around family during the holidays.  This call was so good I think you’ll really benefit from it. The first call on Nov. 25 was a meditation to help you protect and ground yourself. The the

Gift Voucher Special Holiday Gift

As 2015 begins to wind down, celebrate the holidays with a special gift voucher for your loved ones – share the gift of a transformation session of Body & Mind. Receive Your Free Holiday Gift To receive 20% off any treatment – mention this blog and use coupon code GIFT20 Send code to receive 20%

Beach Meditation Yoga Dance Group

Beach Meditation/yoga/dance – Walk away feeling empowered & hooked up to source. Starting Sunday June 1 new Meditation group at the beach. Let the ocean wash away any worries, fear, anxiety, stress or sadness! We will include meditation, set intention, energy Clearing, Tibetan bowls, healing attunement to connect you to your higher self, have FUN yoga

21 day LOVE Program

I mentioned in my February newsletter about my Love Program. This is a 21 day program to transform old habits and beliefs and focus on SELF LOVE! Love thy Self. This is not being selfish,this is honoring you first with love, when you are whole and complete, then you can share it with others. This

Today is 2/22 in Numerology 222 means LOVE

Today being February 22. 222 Means LOVE. Have faith, Everything’s going to be alright. don’t worry about a thing and trust it will all unfold the way it is meant to!! I love numerology and when I see combinations of numbers i know it is a confirmation from Spirit. whatever I am thinking of in


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