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Back in Australia from my Vision Quest Journey

In May 2016, I departed from San Francisco to start my Journey. My intention for my vision quest journey was to go much deeper in my spiritual practice of self inquiry, asking the question of “Who am I?” During the 3 months in Coste Rica, I immersed myself in meditation, being present in the moment, being in

Steps to Surrender Thoughts and Attachments

Do you long to connect and feel the nature of your true self? Are you longing to be free of suffering, judgements, limiting beliefs and negative feelings? Are you willing to know the God that you are? Do you want peace and love more than your negative thoughts about yourself? Who or what would you

The Importance of Healing Touch

Incorporating human touch in to our everyday lives is vital to the healing of our emotional and physical selves. Sometimes we might concentrate so much on our spiritual lives that we overlook the wonders of being present in our physical form. When we are more aware of the fact that our bodies are also important

Recordings of 2 Meditations to help you be calm, happy, relaxed and enjoy the holiday season around family that trigger you

This call was for the Bliss Call of a friend Moneeka. The topic is how to stay calm, relaxed, and centered around family during the holidays.  This call was so good I think you’ll really benefit from it. The first call on Nov. 25 was a meditation to help you protect and ground yourself. The the

Linda’s 5 R Program

Many years ago I created my 5 R system to explain simply how I work on one’s body and mind and the steps that I achieve for my clients. My 5 R program works on all levels the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Release – Release physical pain, tension, stress, release old patterns, habits, negative emotions, release the

7 steps to your Magnificent life

‘7 Steps to Your Magnificent Life’ is a 7 week series that will help people to create a magnificent life. It is simple tips, tools and techniques to use every day that will assist you to feel happier, have more energy, create and manifest what you choose to have, have clarity on where you are

Holiday Specials

Happy Holidays Now that thanksgiving has passed we are getting into the Holiday season and Christmas parties. During this time it is important to nurture you, take time out to recharge and rebalance your Body and Mind. Slow Down, breath, relax and listen. Reflect on all your achievements for 2011 and set goals for 2012. To

Working at Sonoma Mission Inn Spa

Sonoma Mission Inn Spa is managed by Fairmont Hotels and located in the wine country in Northern California. It has natural herbal hot springs and the Spa has been well known for the bathing ritual. For more information go to I have started doing my bodywork and energywork for the guests who book in at the Spa. It is a

Holistic Approach to releasing Stress

Over the years, many people come to me with chronic pain, tired, feeling stuck, sadness, depression, and feeling overwhelmed. I always come from a holistic approach to help my clients come back into balance. What ever is required in a session I have it available in my ‘tool kit’ as I also work with many higher beings who also

Energy work for individuals

I have noticed many people who are stressed, overwhelmed, feeling stuck, tired, unable to focus, sad and in chronic pain. I offering my energy work sessions to corporate executives and entrepreneurs to help them to sleep peacefully, feel relaxed, clarity, increased energy, better relationships, confidence and be pain free in their body. Combining my natural gift with


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