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Free Presentations in Marin

2011 HEALTHY LIFESTYLES EDUCATIONAL SERIES PRESENTS PELLOWAH HEALING© Need help in achieving your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions? Would you like to: Raise your awareness, consciousness and be totally inspired to change your life? Increase your personal capacity for positive change? Take charge of your life? Create the life you want with unlimited imagination? Generate a

Special Announcement Presentation & R5 plus Program

Linda will inspire you to own your personal power, to take charge of your life and will share secrets and tools for you to create the life you dream of. Learn more about her R5plus: …WOW! Program Linda’s R5plus Program takes you on an exponential journey to harness the power of five critical building blocks

What does nicotine to you?

Nicotine, the active and addictive ingredient of tobacco, is a mild central nervous system stimulant and a stronger cardiovascular system stimulant.  It constricts blood vesses, increasing the blood pressure and stimulating the heart, and raises the blood fatlevels.  In its liquid form, nicotine is a powerful poison- the injection of even one drop would be

The Ten Day Liver Cleanse

15 ml. (2 tsp) extra virgin olive oil, juice of one small lemon, 1 garlic clove (chopped) or 2 capsules of odourless garlic(only if your system cannot tolerate fresh garlic), 300-375ml grapefruit juice (unsweetened) Mix together in a blender. Drink first thing in the morning, Wait 1/2 hour, then have a light non-greasy breakfast (an


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