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Back in Australia from my Vision Quest Journey

In May 2016, I departed from San Francisco to start my Journey. My intention for my vision quest journey was to go much deeper in my spiritual practice of self inquiry, asking the question of “Who am I?” During the 3 months in Coste Rica, I immersed myself in meditation, being present in the moment, being in

Dentist in Coste Rica – warning!

A warning to others and a big learning for me! In October I went to Coste Rica to see a dentist. I was told that there are some great dentist’ there at half the price for dental work compared to the US. Since I was looking at about 5 or more crowns, I figured it

You are the captain of your Ship

You are the captain of your ship It was Christmas …… 1980, That’s summer in Australia. Summer meant holidays with Daddy…. out on the boat. Dad ….. was Captain of the Ship. He got a call in desperation asking him could he take a group of campers out to North West Island. No other boats

Workshop “Connecting with New Hierarchy”

While I was in Australia I caught up with my spiritual teacher Kachina Maan. She brought Pellowah Healing to the Planet. She has channeled new information to share which I took advantage of when I was in Brisbane QLD. This workshop was amazing on so many levels. I feel my soul has shifted, expanded in

Energy Update

The shifts since December 21, 2013 are monumental and will continue for the next several months. It is a new reality but it is actually the old reality. Before the energy of the universe was stronger than consciousness of humanity. Now consciousness of humanity is stronger than universe. WE ARE IN CONTROL. We will either


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