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Back in Australia from my Vision Quest Journey

In May 2016, I departed from San Francisco to start my Journey. My intention for my vision quest journey was to go much deeper in my spiritual practice of self inquiry, asking the question of “Who am I?” During the 3 months in Coste Rica, I immersed myself in meditation, being present in the moment, being in

Vision Quest Journey

Vision Quest of awareness-love-bliss   I arrived in Coste Rica 2 weeks ago, embarking on my vision quest journey for the next few months. My focus- to go within, meditating, contemplating the self inquiry question of “Who am I?” Being guided to go deep within my true self of awareness aware of itself. My intention

Mt Shasta

Mt Shasta where heaven meets Earth. I just got back from this magical place where I went up to the mountain which just received fresh snow the day before. Perfect timing as the polar shifts open up to the earth to receive preparing us for 12-12-12. These shifts are to open us up to love


I am currently on vacation in Florida and taking a cruise to the Bahamas to swim with the Dolphins. These mammals are so precious and intuitive to be around their energy. What a gift of nature to play with them.

1 year in the USA

Today being 9/9/11 is my one year anniversary. This time last year I arrived in the USA. Wow many changes since then! I have collected lots of personal stories to share with my audiences! I am now up to my 4th move of house! Lucky I travel light. I am now moving to Sonoma as I am also working

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. This Christmas is very different to my Christmas in Australia as I am usually at the beach or enjoying the sunshine!! It is now 3 months since we got here, so much happening all the time. I have been busy going to many networking events and meeting people, making new friends.

Yoga Teaching Training Course

It is May & the time is flying. I am currently half way through the 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training Course which I am attending in Marin California. I love it, I have attended yoga retreats in the past and doing the teacher training is something I have always had on my list of things

Canada Trip

Another Update – Well I am now in Canada. Flew into Vancouver which I enjoyed seeing the city again after 20 years. Then drove East to Banff had High Tea at the Fairmont Hotel in Banff which was a special moment to enjoy – the service & the beautiful view of the mountains, it is an

Living In San Francisco

This blog is well overdue. In November 2009 I decided to leave Australia to follow my heart to San Francisco. I left my heart in San Francisco 20 years ago!! This meant selling and giving away everything, moving from Hervey bay  to Brisbane to store some a few personal items in storage then continue to

Back from Hawaii

Hi There, I arrived back from Hawaii and now back home in Australia in Hervey Bay, connecting back with the ocean and beach here. It is a gorgeous clear night here with the sky full of stars. Maui was so beautiful and we had the whales there with us every day talking to us and


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