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Back in Australia from my Vision Quest Journey

In May 2016, I departed from San Francisco to start my Journey. My intention for my vision quest journey was to go much deeper in my spiritual practice of self inquiry, asking the question of “Who am I?” During the 3 months in Coste Rica, I immersed myself in meditation, being present in the moment, being in

Steps to Surrender Thoughts and Attachments

Do you long to connect and feel the nature of your true self? Are you longing to be free of suffering, judgements, limiting beliefs and negative feelings? Are you willing to know the God that you are? Do you want peace and love more than your negative thoughts about yourself? Who or what would you

The Importance of Healing Touch

Incorporating human touch in to our everyday lives is vital to the healing of our emotional and physical selves. Sometimes we might concentrate so much on our spiritual lives that we overlook the wonders of being present in our physical form. When we are more aware of the fact that our bodies are also important

How to be Stress Free, Feel High Energy & how to maintain that

I just shared a tele-class on Tuesday night on how to easily reduce stress and tension in your body and in your life. How to Increase your Energy anytime you feel tired, drained or lethargic, simply just by tapping into your own body’s energy system. Thank you to those who were on the call. I do have

Speaking at WOW Conference – July 20. 2013

Come join me on July 20, 2013 in Pleasanton, CA at the The WOW Factor to connect, collaborate and celebrate with Women of Wellness. I’ll be one of the featured speakers at the event – its the BIGGEST event for women to connect, collaborate, and celebrate in a tribe-like community that is safe and supportive.


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