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I have noticed many people who are stressed, overwhelmed, feeling stuck, tired, unable to focus, sad and in chronic pain. I offering my energy work sessions to corporate executives and entrepreneurs to help them to sleep peacefully, feel relaxed, clarity, increased energy, better relationships, confidence and be pain free in their body.

Combining my natural gift with intuition I can tune into the individual to release the blocked energy from their body, this will increase their energy as well as increase the health of the internal organs as well. So many clients who have come to me over the years are surprised with the immediate results they receive from one session. I am passionate about what I can do for people and happy to be able to now help others in California with my gifts.

Along with my stress reduction techniques, chair massage is extremely helpful for employees to increase productivity and reduce sick leave. It is amazing how just 10 minutes can improve the energy, perspective and outlook for a person.

You have to experience it for yourself.

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