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LindaWould you like to increase your personal capacity for positive change? Would you like to take charge of your life?

pellowah-logoCreate the life you want and generate a new and expanded perspective with a positive outlook.

Gain a new lightness & sense of wellbeing that keeps increasing over time. Our thoughts affect our bodies. We create our reality through our thoughts. Our thoughts can create so called ‘illness’ or ‘dis-ease’ in our body and we all have the ability to heal ourselves by changing the way we think.

When we focus on the positive then we attract more positive. The law of attraction. I love working with my clients and watching their bodies dissolve into the table as they let go and totally surrender. I empower my clients to listen to their own body and encourage self care exercises to continue the healing process. I empower people to take back their own power and take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Eliminate all negative and judgmental thoughts. A change in consciousness occurs at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, which manifests at a cellular level.

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Facial Harmony Balancing

FaceThe face is a mirror of our soul; it registers our life journey. The accumulation of disappointments, grief and sorrow can wipe out the beautiful sparkle in our eyes and etch themselves into lines of our face. The treatment releases blocked energy held in the meridian system and facilitates a deep space of inner peace which permeates through the body releasing old stress patterns. Energy which has been tied up in old mental, emotional trauma is now released and available to further promote rejuvenation. On the surface Facial Harmony is a gentle muscle manipulation technique that helps to take years off the way you look, by facilitating relaxation and rejuvenation of the supply of blood and energy to the musculature of the face.

The Facial Harmony treatment is a process that results in facial transformation and overall rejuvenation at the cellular level. This treatment takes years of stress from your face so you look younger and feel it too. For optimum results seven sessions, one week apart, is recommended. The treatment has a far reaching accumulative effect with the face reflecting changes in both the inner and outer world.

For more information on facial harmony visit www.facialharmony.com.


Ora Vibration Therapy

With this form of healing, an energy pulse is put through the body by holding points on the wrist and sending energy through the pulse. this will deactivate and repel any negative energy leaving the auric field in a state of ‘Blank Canvas’. Then a secondary pulse is emitted to draw positive particles into the field giving a wonderful fertile ground for change. This build up will continue to attract positive particles. This therapy is great to begin with any other treatment.


Thirteen Point Therapy

The thirteen points align the male and female energies in the body helping to create balance and connecting our 12 strands of DNA/RNA needed for easy regeneration of the body. 98% of human DNA is non-functioning, of the three thousand billion base pairs, the chemical make up of our genes, only 60 million are active. on the border in the battle for full consciousness. on the other ies electromagnetic, psycho-social and chemical manipulation of our frequencies. Both of which conspire to maintain us as fear and guilt motivated energy sources. this why we get stuck and can not change sufficiently to make that next step. the thirteenth point activates the heart, perineum, pubic. This will align the heart with sexuality. This also removes love from the jurisdiction of attachment is the prelude to full acceptance that there is no separation, that all is simultaneously one and different to be loved is to be loved with out an open heart there is nothing.

For thousands of years we have given our power away to outside forces who do not serve our greater good or Mother Earth. It is now time to make the change back to being powerful spiritual beings and reclaim our original birthright.



Pellowah Healing is an extraordinarily deep, powerful and profound experience. After my session, I felt very relaxed and could tell there were shifts happening in my mind and body. Clearly Linda is a remarkably gifted practitioner who brings a loving, subtle and intuitive spirit to her work.

– Marci Shimoff , Celebrity, NY Times best selling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken  Soup for the Woman’s Soul

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