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I just shared a tele-class on Tuesday night on how to easily reduce stress and tension in your body and in your life. How to Increase your Energy anytime you feel tired, drained or lethargic, simply just by tapping into your own body’s energy system.

Thank you to those who were on the call. I do have a free gift for each of you. Please email me directly to receive your gift of appreciation. REPLAY LINK BELOW – ENJOY!!

The powerful heart energy process helps you feel balanced, grounded, focused so you can “vibrate in” more abundance, love, joy, health into your life. Many of us are going through challenging times and feel pushed to our limits, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated or simply unhappy. It is such an important time right now to connect with our hearts, Open our hearts so we will feel the stress and worry leave our body. When you increase your Energy on a daily basis you will feel more vibrant, happy, enthusiastic and joyful because that is your true essence of WHO you are.

You will also take away the importance of connecting to source, listening to your own internal GPS and how to upgrade your conscious human operating system, your brain so you can make clear choices and decisions for your highest good and destiny. This is a time of enormous growth and opportunity spiritually, mentally, emotionally even economically in every aspect. From the heart energy process you will feel an increase in YOUR love that will expand out to attract more. That is what we all came here to experience on this planet, is to DO LOVE, BE LOVE and Feel Love. We are in enormous growth and potential right now individually as well as on the planet.

In today’s fast paced world, we all experience stress and overwhelm which takes away our energy then we feel heavy. Think about how much information our brain receives on a daily basis, we live in a world of electric charge, huge amount of information coming in every second and how our brain is trying to keep up with the pace. It is like trying to sip water from a fire hose but deep down as a soul, we are really starving for real wisdom. Why are we doing what we are doing? We all chose to be here right now and part of this rapid growth. We can make a difference in our world and what is happening in our world. We are one big energy field and we are all affected.

Following your own inner knowing is the best next step for you. Tune inside of you and ask what is the best step for me and then you will know what action to take. To do this, just allow yourself to quieten your mind, breath and connect with your heart.

When Stressed we feel our energy level drops, we lose our ability to be productive, feel heavy and burdened, every part of your being suffers as a result as it lowers your frequency and throws you off balance. Though it is our mind that holds the reality of distorted perceptions that come from our life’s conditioning which is based on fear and delusion. When we drop our focus into our heart, it opens us up to the true joy of life.

The heart energy process I shared connects you to your heart, you feel the stress flow away and will be at peace, feel the love, harmony and stay connected to that. It calms your mind and body to remain relaxed and balanced. Our goal is to deflect the energies around us that throw us off balance that we call stress. When you are in tune with your heart you can deal with stress better and your spiritual health improves plus overall health.

Breathing into your Heart can disengage a stressed mind in an instant. By breathing into your heart focusing there, you turn up the volume of love energy. By doing this you will become more objective in regards to a stressful situation. It will give you a calm space to re-focus.

You will energise your system, increase your energy levels each time you breathe and expand your heart centre. You will function from a more positive and loving place.

When you notice something coming up creating a difficult emotion or physical discomfort, remember you can connect with your heart at any time because you have direct connection to source.

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