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Many years ago I created my 5 R system to explain simply how I work on one’s body and mind and the steps that I achieve for my clients. My 5 R program works on all levels the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Release – Release physical pain, tension, stress, release old patterns, habits, negative emotions, release the old ways of doing things and create something new.

Realign- Realign your mind with positive empowering insights, Realign your body structurally & your posture,

Restore- Restore your body with healthy foods, drinks and supplements. Restore your mind with relaxing meditation.

Rebalance- rebalance your body & mind with yoga, breath work, meditation, work/life balance, time away to reflect

ReEnergize- reenergize is feeling so excited, full of life, enthusiasm to start your day with passion to achieve your goals & feel thank you & grateful for everything that you create, manifest and attract into each day.

I use this system for my bodywork, coaching and teach workshops on each level and go deeper to help others to live their life with love, peace, happiness, freedom, authenticity, integrity, adventure and laughter.

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