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Young thoughtful woman and ideas coming out of her head

Young thoughtful woman and ideas coming out of her head

Do you long to connect and feel the nature of your true self?
Are you longing to be free of suffering, judgements, limiting beliefs and negative feelings? Are you willing to know the God that you are?

Do you want peace and love more than your negative thoughts about yourself? Who or what would you be without your thoughts?

You are the captain of your ship! You have a choice when it comes to your thoughts and attachments to your thoughts. A thought arising in the mind has no power only if you attach or connect with it and create it into something. If you don’t grab onto that thought, nothing happens, watch it like a cloud floating by. Thought is like static on a TV. As soon as you connect with the thought you make it real and it sucks the power from you.

Attachments to your thoughts may feel real or even powerful even if that thought or feeling is not pleasant. Observe the pull or feeling that thought has on you and the sense of needing to be involved with it especially when fear is involved.

When you are caught up in a thought or feeling stop! Take a few moments to feel the attachments and experience what is real or an illusion. The more you practice this, the easier it becomes to move beyond the ego mind to your true self and experience Freedom.

1. Be the Observer. Notice that you are caught up in a thought, a train of thoughts or a feeling.
2. Gently tell yourself, “Stop, I burn this negative thought from my mind and replace it with love”. This breaks the pattern of the illusion and surrendering thinking.
3. During this time, notice any attachments or desire to going back to that thought or feeling. Continue to come back to your heart space with love. Be quiet.
4. Take a moment to feel that attachments in your body and more subtly energetically. Where is located? Heart? Head? Throat? Stomach? What does it feel like? Tight? Dark? Sticky? Grasping? Empty? Explore it without giving any power to it, just observe.
5. Accept the attachment with no emotion, remain completely neutral. Being attached to thinking the thoughts that go through your mind is part of being human. Though you are in control, you are the captain of your ship. You have a choice to give this thought energy or power and keep it alive. Or you have a choice to let it go with no emotion or attachment and know it is just a thought with no power.
6. Be aware of your environment, what is going on around you? What do you hear, see or experiencing?
7. Notice what is present on a more subtle level. This is where your true self resides. Is love present? Do you feel peace? Relaxation? Compassion? What is the experience like? Can you feel the aliveness of your true self?
8. Focus your attention on love, peace, compassion, gratitude, joy and acceptance of your true self. Continue to stay in your heart centre, be present and feel love for yourself. Over time your ability to sense the subtle world of your true self will increase.
9. When you surrender being lost in thought, you discover your true self of pure love coming back to your God Self.

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