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Facial Harmony Balancing

Would you like to look in the mirror and see the reflection there smiling back, looking relaxed and refreshed? Would you like to see the stresses and strains of daily life disappear from your face?

The everyday pressure of keeping up, of struggling to appear good enough, to fit in, becomes a way of life that leaves us no time to relax. No time to smile and remember that deep inside there is a human being longing to live in love and laughter.

The Facial Harmony treatment is a process that results in facial transformation and overall rejuvenation at the cellular level. This treatment takes years of stress from your face so you look younger and feel it too.

One of many benefits of Facial Harmony is the power with which it invokes deep states of relaxation. It is from this deep state of relaxation that profound healing and shifts of perceptions occur. It is also from the deepest levels of relaxation that our innate gifts, of inspiration, intuition, psychic function, pure awareness, and clear perception arise. They are compromised and invalid in the absence of relaxation.

Our culture and lifestyle keeps us constantly busy with “things”, there is always one more ‘thing’ to do! Some of these ‘things’ include our basic survival needs, work, earning money etc. Some ‘things’ include family, friends and other activities that are a part of our lives. Some of these ‘things’ we love! And yet in the midst of all these demands on our time we do not take time to truly enjoy them.

Enjoyment is a high function and can only be realised in a state of relaxation.

Relaxation to the busy mind has become a luxury that we cannot afford. We force ourselves to keep going and we overlook or misunderstand the body’s basic need for relaxation.

Relaxation is not just a cool thing to do on the weekend or something you do over a few drinks after work. Whilst those activities may be a useful distraction from the constant pressure of your usual daily activities, they often inherently carry their own type of stress.

Did you know that almost every muscle in the body that carries stress is a voluntary muscle, in other words a muscle that is under direct control of the conscious mind!  (Your Heart and Diaphragm are involuntary muscles)

Facial Harmony promotes deep levels of relaxation, triggering bio-chemical responses in brain function, which then cascades through the body assisting the body to redirect its’ energy into healing and repair.

When you experience Facial Harmony as a regular personal care necessity, these states of relaxation become anchored in the body memory, allowing and encouraging tensions to unwind.

Facial Harmony Balancing releases blocked energy held in the meridian system and facilitates a deep space of inner peace which permeates through the body releasing old stress patterns. It is a gentle yet powerful technique which provides a cascade effect through the nervous system, providing the perfect environment for deep relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation.

You will drop away years of accumulated stress patterns that is showing in the lines in your face and come back to a fresh young look – a natural face lift!

 Facial Harmony reconnects you with your innate way of being which then becomes a natural expression of your daily life. This natural radiance emanates from inside and shines on your face lighting up your eyes with the quality of what you are experiencing inside.

For optimum results 7 one hour sessions one week apart are recommended. The treatment has a far- reaching cumulative effect with the face reflecting changes in both the inner and outer world.

By appointment only – introductory treatment of 75min

To book your Appointment Contact 415-290 3793 email linda@lindabenn.com



Special introductory price of only $150 (saving $50) or package of 7 sessions $1297 (especially beneficial if considering surgery or acid peels to improve skin tone)

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