I am very thankful that some of my clients have taken the time to write a few words about their experience with my wellness programs.



    Yoko Kasai

    2011 San Rafael CA

    Tension Gone

    Linda is a wonderful massage therapist.  She has an uncanny healing power and energy that pinpoints and is able to work out issues in the body.  Linda is able to feel where there is tension and works it out both energetically and with the use of various massage techniques. She has a lot of strength for those of you who enjoy deep tissue but I would recommend that you allow her to do her work for how she feels your body best needs it. she  Aside from her massage abilities, you can also tell that she is just a good person and radiates heart light and energy.  I would Linda to anyone. 

      David Peters

      San Rafael CA

      Long Term Pain GONE!

      I just experienced  Linda’s remarkable healing powers!  She removed a long term pain in my hip and neck that nobody has been able to conquer–plus she did it in one  session. I am impressed!  Just let her do her thing. She has the gift!


        2011- Mountain View CA

        Corporate Chair massage 

        Linda comes to our office monthly and does the chair massage which has been really popular among all the folks. It helps us focus on a hectic work day, I feel less tensed, more relaxed and it also soothes the muscles.
        I went through a 1 hour massage session earlier at Reve spa, and other massage therapists but spending 10 minutes with her massage was more effective than that 1 hour massages which people are after. It seriously feels good, and on top of it all, there is cute pooch called Penny which is her massage companion.

        Go get the massage! :)


          2011, Novato CA


          Openness, trust & faith in your body worker was established with Linda and myself during our first session. I trusted she would know the perfect balance of working with Fibromyalgia and she did. I was put in unusual shapes, Linda guiding me from one to another gently, her voice speaking softly, I left my body to allow her to take over and do her healing. Linda Benn is a born-healer. I encourage you to take the risk to be ever so kind to your body for the holidays. Linda will teach you why it is so important.
          Thank you Linda.

            Neck Injury from Car accident –

            I was having major migraines caused by car wreck neck injury, which was affecting my ability to be productive at work to the point where I was missing work and my neck was so out of alignment that it was affecting my hearing and equilibrium.
            I asked around at work if anyone could recommend me a massage therapist that was skilled in Cranial sacral work. Linda came highly recommended!

            Linda is a an amazing and talented massage therapist who also has cultivated her gifts to heal with energy as well. It is a rare gift that I am so grateful that she shares with others. She doesn’t just massage you, she uses energy to realigned your body in a way that you will the effects from days after a treatment with her. After my first session with her I actually cried because I felt so wonderful and could feel my body healing.(and that’s only the 4th time I have ever cried in my life out of sheer happiness!)  I felt more like my true self than I have in years.

            She is so positive and caring and you can feel it. Whenever she found a part of my body that was tense or needed some work, she would put her hand there and have me do some gentle stretches and suddenly I can feel the pain draining away. It literally feels like sludge being drained from my body,leaving me a feeling of being cleansed and rejuvenated mentally and emotionally. When she touched my head it felt like her fingers reached into my brain and released the tension within that was causing my migraines.

            A  massage session with Linda is more than just a massage it’s an experience of healing and rejuvenation that goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

            Thank you Linda for helping me heal with your wonderful gift of healing!

            Looking forward to my next treatment with Linda.


              San Rafael, 2011

              Neck Injury

              I had a neck injury I sustained a few years ago.  The neck pain remained dull and achy and I got used to it.  I would occasionally have a massage and sometimes it got relieved, sometimes not.  I saw Linda Benn recently and I truly did not have any expectations cuz it was just a massage.  To my surprise, her treatment made  a big difference.  It was not only a massage but she did some kind of treatment that immediately gave me relief of this pain.  She also asked me what other injuries I have had in the past and I told her about a slight meniscus pain on the left knee.  To my surprise, I walked out of her session like a new person.  I highly  recommend Linda Benn especially if you have any chronic pain.

                D. Russell

                Petaluma, 2013

                Acupuncturist review –

                Linda is an exceptional therapist. Her knowledge of how the body works and which modality to use to best treat her clients is excellent. She has helped me greatly with my low back and hip pain. Her work is so powerful you can feel the effects of it still working days after your treatment. This is not just a typical massage. It’s a full body tune up that you can feel on all the different levels of your body and mind. 


                  Stress Reduction

                  Linda’s ability to focus on problem areas and help relieve pain and stress on the body, is amazing. I am a spa/massage junkie and I can say without a doubt, her expertise is exceptional. Though her pricing may be more than some, it is worth every penny if you’re looking for pain relief and true restoration for your body.


                    Corporate Body energy Alignment

                    Linda comes into our office once a month and I was certainly surprised at how incredible her healing energy work was and how much my pain was reduced after seeing her.  I had sprained my ankle and was unable to walk without pain and I definitely didn’t have any expectations. I just thought she might massage the foot/ankle and get some blood flowing but when I hopped off her table I was walking normally and without pain. I would highly recommend Linda for any type of energy/healing work especially for injuries.


                      Chronic Lower Back Pain- Postural Realignment in the office

                      I was expecting a typical massage when I went in with Linda, and was happily surprised to get something even better.

                      I’ve had chronic lower back pain, have the worst posture ever and have been working long nights for awhile now and it’s been building up and resulting in a ton of stress and tension, stiffness and overall fatigue. I’ve had massages before and nothing really worked at loosening up the tension in my back for longer than a day.

                      Linda doesn’t provide typical massages–she genuinely figures out your personal aches and pains and focuses her work in your problem areas. She is exceptional at diagnosing exactly where my problem areas were and even better at explaining what’s going on in your body which made the experience a lot better than just your typical massage. I was able to learn a lot about how my habits affect my general well being. It goes without saying that a 30 minute session with her relaxed and rejuvenated me. I felt great and will definitely be back!! 

                      Thanks Linda! 

                        Michele LeSage

                        Neck/Hip/Knee pain

                        I am not the kind of person that keeps track of every nuance in my body.  I have been blessed with great health. Though every time I get on Linda’s table she finds areas in my body that are sore or need her healing hands.   Recently she worked on my hip and my knee and she of course felt much more than I but I can truly say that the results were greater than I had anticipated.  When she got to my neck I knew there was more happening that even I was aware of.  I could feel that Linda was moving and releasing energy.  I did feel some movement in my neck and spine and when the treatment was complete I really did feel much more relaxed, loose and pain free. I would strongly recommend that you make an appointment with Linda and experience her healing hands and how in tune she is with our body’s.

                          Leslie Damaso

                          Neck/Shoulder pain resolved

                          I have had big knots in my shoulders from as far back as I can remember. The first person who discovered them was a physical therapist about 10 years ago… I’m guessing I started to build-up tension in my neck & shoulder area when I started nursing school many years ago. I’ve had massages before, very painful ones… and maybe the knots would reduce for a day or two – but would always return. As much as I wanted to get massages to reduce those huge knots, I really wasn’t interested in going through that pain. When I went to see Linda, I was very much interested in energy healing so I asked her to work on me from an energy standpoint. I was amazed afterward! that the knots had reduced significantly!! She told me that the energy would continue to work in me, and it did! It’s been 3 weeks since I went to see her, and I don’t feel any knots in my problem area!

                          I am a nurse, and it’s very common to develop the tension in those areas… I have been working still, and have been well since I saw her! 

                            Antonio Castaneda

                            Back Pain gone-

                            I couldn’t believe what was happening in my body and how I was sore before I saw her. It’s like I was feeling something inside my body moving. She told me that I would feel it for the next couple of days & I was feeling it. I don’t exactly know how to describe it, but she truly has a gift for this and I cannot put it in words. You have to experience it for yourself! My lower back had felt tight, but what’s amazing is that my back felt even better 2 days AFTER I saw her. I feel like healing truly did take place. 

                              Marci Shimoff

                              NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

                              Pellowah Healing is an extraordinarily deep, powerful and profound experience. After my session, I felt very relaxed and could tell there were shifts happening in my mind and body. Clearly Linda is a remarkably gifted practitioner who brings a loving, subtle and intuitive spirit to her work.

                                Leila Reyes

                                I LOVED it!  Linda was able to tune into my body and move the stuck energy that I’d been feeling for months.  Her gentle, yet firm touch was both nurturing and reassuring.  I felt safe on her table to surrender completely, which allowed me to open up my heart and receive more of the love I am.

                                  Sarah Ruby

                                  My Massage with Linda was amazing. she was authentically glad to make it a special experience. She was warm, friendly and attended to my needs. But what blew me away was the actual way she approached the massage. Her stretching and pulling of my limbs was so unique, she even pushed at times and let my body do it own work as well. I’ve been to many wonderful spas, treated by family La costa, Manne Kea, Grand Waikea etc. I’ve never felt such energy attuned to me before. Thank you Linda.

                                    Lisa Marie Sidlow

                                    Pellowah Healing  

                                    The first time you worked on me was very nice and relaxing.  I immediately dropped off into a very deep meditation and I actually think I might have seen a quick glimpse of myself in a past life. It was just a quick shot of me dressed in Victorian type clothing and wearing a French type wig. I thought to myself, “oh that’s me in France”.  That’s all I remember from that healing but I felt great for several days afterword. My back pain was eased significantly and I felt a lot less tension.

                                    Tonight’s healing was very different. I could actually feel what was happening and was too aware and intrigued to drop off into meditation. When you were working on me I could actually feel the energy or spirit going into my body.  It felt like energy or vibration and sometimes like you were actually pressing down on my head with your palm. First the right half of my head, then the left. I was sure it was pressure from your hands but confused because I know you don’t touch during the healing.  Then I felt like some sort of energy laser go right down the centre of my brain which I knew had to be energetic because you couldn’t possibly be doing that. It was very nice, not scary but very interesting. I also felt like you were playing with my hair by lifting a small handful from one side to the other, and then vice a versa which was weird because I thought you were down by my feet at that point. Also, speaking of feet I could have sworn you were holding my feet in your hands and I was quite surprised to learn afterwards that you never touched me.  I feel great right now, can’t wait to see what happens next time!

                                      Sonia and Warren Jamieson

                                      Linda Benn was instrumental in producing a health and wellbeing magazine, “Heart Light Energy” in our area.   I read the magazine with interest, as my husband suffers from a long term whiplash injury and I suffer from spondylosis.  My husband’s whiplash injury resulted in headaches, and searing pain in his temples, whenever he coughed.  Over the last 20 years he has consulted physiotherapists, chiropractors and other alternative therapists, but nothing helped the problem.  One day when my husband’s headaches were particularly bad I suggested he see Linda.  He was sceptical, as nobody had been able to help him in the past.

                                      The results of her treatment were immediate.  Having been to so many therapists it was not only physically effective, but it restored his faith that there was a modality that could heal.

                                      I have spondylosis as a result of a fall down some stairs 18 years ago.  Since that time I have not had a pain free day.  Unfortunately I have reactions to a number of pain killers, so have to find ways of alleviating the pain as drug free as possible.  I had consulted orthopaedic and neurosurgeons, and had been told there were no surgery alternatives available, and having seen numerous health therapists, where nothing had worked, l was also sceptical.  My husband suggested I also see Linda.

                                      Linda is like a breath of fresh air the moment you make contact.  In 18 years of pain I have never had treatments where I could literally feel the pain being released.  The whole room seemed to be filled with a healing aura.  She cared about me as an individual and my whole system responded.  I can’t emphasis enough the positive response my body had to her treatment.  I was devastated when she told me she was leaving Australia.

                                      My husband and I still need ongoing care, but there is no-one around to replace Linda.  A light went out in Hervey Bay when she left.


                                        Being a Reiki Master already I did not expect the attunements to be so powerful.  I felt overwhelmed with the feelings and thoughts that I was having.  Afterwards I was quite dizzy and very tired for a number days whilst the energy was settling into my body.  I truly believe the divine spirit was at work, and preparing my body for my work ahead.  I now feel more grounded and in tune as I have ever been.  Pellowah Healing Technique is very simple and so very effective.  There certainly is no turning back now.


                                          Linda’s 1 to 1 counselling

                                          Recently my life was turned upside down following a marriage separation.  I was plunged into a despair and mild depression.  I worked with Linda on a 1 to 1 basis to help me through my anxiety and depression.  She helped me recognize how my beliefs and actions in the past contributed to my current behaviour and was able to get me to reognise my deepest emotions that controlled my behaviour.  By recognizing these feelings and emotions I was able to work through my issues to a position where I am more happy, positive and comfortable with my life and its future direction. 


                                            Awaken your Essence Workshop

                                            Following some difficult relationship issues I was having in my life I went to Linda ’s workshop to try to define what was causing these difficulties in my life.  Working with Linda in the workshop I came to recognize the root cause of my past behaviour over many years.  By recognizing this behaviour, which I had previously avoided facing, I was able to understand what had been driving my behaviour and causing all my relationship problems.  I can now change my behaviour and beliefs to more positive outcomes and form better relationship with people. 


                                              Create your Future Workshop

                                              I have been retired from the workforce for about 4 years and have been having difficulty in focusing my life as I had no direction and was pessimistic about my future life.  Linda’s workshop enabled me to find those emotions and belief systems that were limiting me in my life.  I came to understand which limiting beliefs I had that were self sabotaging my life’s purpose.  With her help I was able to re-frame these beliefs into positive beliefs and affirmations that enabled me to move forward to a more positive outlook on life. 


                                                I attended Linda’s WOW workshop. Intitially I was frightened of what emotions would come, and embarrassed to be in a crowd, I was grateful Linda phoned me, still not sure but I had a strong feeling to attend. After our meeting I have to admit I was not happy being made so aware of my feeling, that I had thought I had dealt with, but in saying that I was awakened and reborn by what Linda did on that day, able to meditate and see my charkas which I was not able to do by myself, I also made contact with my Guardian Angel on that day, this is the most joyous day for me, and my journey to spiritual awareness. Linda’s energy and love of life, is contagious, and truly wants you to be part of her journey, I have experienced since Linda’s class, awareness for what I need in life, and the motivation to be myself and be happy, Thank you Linda for your patience and loving embrass, I do not need to look back any more.

                                                  Estrella Talin

                                                  Dear Linda, Thank you so much for 2nd treatment this afternoon. I came in feeling really down and low due to a little family problem. You probably sensed it a mile away. The treatment today was so relaxing. By the time I got home to resume my office work, I felt that I am back to my bouncy, happy self again. I felt that I can now face my little struggle in a more positive approach. I would also like to thank you for the very first treatment I had. I thought I was just going to have a relaxing massage but the beautiful session I had just blew me away! It was beyond my expectation. As I have mentioned in my initial consultation, I had a car accident when I was 18 years old and hurt my lower back. My current job as an Accountant/Bookkeeper also involves a lot of sitting in front of the computer. Not only that, when I visit clients to their offices, their chair is not really ergonomically suited for me. Hence, I had a lot of on-going back pains and headaches, which consequently made me, feel drained at times. I’ve tried a lot of remedial massages and physiotherapy. That didn’t work so I tried Chiropractic care. The first one lasted nearly two years; I stopped because I wasn’t getting any better. Then, I switch to just having massages. Since my back pain is not getting any better and the only type of treatment I knew was either physiotherapy or chiropractic care, I resumed the Chiropractic treatment as I felt like it was better than the other. Maybe I just had to be patient this time because these things take time to heal. So I went to a different clinic and had the treatment all over again. For the first 12 weeks (same as the last one), I had to visit the Chiro three times a week, then after that twice a week for another 6 to 8 weeks, then once a week for about the same time frame, then lesser and lesser visits as I go along. I did really well because I was on once a month treatment for the last three months. But the fact of the matter is, in my own experience with chiropractic care, I felt good just after the treatment but as soon as my next scheduled treatment was due, I would feel like my back is jammed up again and hurting and I felt that I just had to get my back cracked again so I would feel better. After my very first treatment with you in September, I have never felt any back pain or headache. It is an amazing feeling because for many years, it was normal for me to wake up in the morning with a backache. What a difference it has made to my life. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you. I’m so glad I found you through a special someone who gave me the treatment as a gift. I am raving about you to my family and friends and I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing a more holistic approach treatment for health and well being.

                                                    Tristan Hughes

                                                    I have received treatments from Linda for the past six years, and in that time I have come to trust Linda’s advice – not just about my physical body, but also emotionally as well. Most recently, I was really struggling to make a decision regarding romantic relationships. It got to the point where I was hardly sleeping, and by trying so hard to make the right decision all I seemed to be doing was making the wrong ones. I knew I needed some help, and Linda was the first person that came to mind.

                                                    The situation I was in was very complicated and many strings were attached, but Linda guided me through a series of exercises and helped me to get in tune with (and listen to) my inner self. Never did she impose her own feelings, thoughts/views or past experiences, but simply asked questions and guided visualisations to help me come to my conclusion. At the end of this process, not only had she helped me make the right decision (as time has consequently proven it was) but I was also relaxed and happy and in-tune with my inner self once more.

                                                    I personally recommend Linda to anyone either looking for personal or spiritual enlightenment, or simply looking to make better day-to-day decisions that benefits yourself and others the most.

                                                    It is very easy to loose sight of your inner self, which is where someone as gifted as Linda helps bring you back into alignment. 

                                                      Di Delbridge

                                                      I had my first experience of Linda’s massage therapy treatment last week.  I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything so immediate.  My hip and neck pain was gone as soon as Linda applied her treatment which was completely painless and unintrusive.  After Linda worked on my neck, the only way I can describe how I felt was that my head seemed to come together. I have had a very stressful year and feel that Linda can bring me back to my old self. 

                                                        Mya Fraticelli

                                                        I came to see Linda  initially for structural alignment as my work is physically demanding. I found her treatment energizing and a sense of renewed energy and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, energized, content, lighter and very balanced and the next day at work everything flowed easily. I found my thoughts a lot more positive and created 2 new clients that day. Her touch is so soothing, nurturing and comforting, she has a very calming energy about her that brings one back to their centre. Her hands were so hot and I felt the heat flow through my body, I felt the warmth on my back that penetrated into my heart and all the way through my body.  Her treatments are soothing, comforting and relaxed and I didn’t want to get off the table. When I got home that night I slept really well without tossing and turning and waking up. I came back for a Lymphatic drainage treatment as I have recently stopped smoking, I felt pain in my lymph glands and now all the aches and pain I felt in my body have gone. . I have had treatments in the past with other therapists and not felt the relief that I did from this treatment, it is long lasting. I highly recommend Linda to anyone. 

                                                          Rodney Nealon

                                                          I came to Linda with neck and shoulder pain on both sides which was disturbing my sleep and waking me up every 2 hours. I have had regular chiropractic treatments for the last 15 years and physiotherapy with no results long term. My occupation requires me to use my arms and shoulders over the course of the day where the pain was affecting my output and attitude to customers and family. After 2 treatments with Linda the pain in my shoulders, neck and arms has 95% gone, the self care exercises given by Linda is helping to achieve long lasting results.

                                                            Carol Kloske

                                                            As an Accountant I look for tangible outcomes. Linda’s technique give a great deal of relief and a lot of healing. I feel stronger and better within myself. The pain relief is an amazing result to experience.

                                                              Dianne Costa

                                                              Linda worked her magic on me for a mere 20 minutes and still 2 days later i am feeling the benefit from it. i have always been a very bad sleeper and will wake up at least 2 or 3 times on average during the night. As you could imagine this leaves me very frazzled and on edge. After meeting Linda and having her work on me for only 20 minutes  I went home to have a full nights sleep for the first time in a very long time. I woke up that morning feeling incredible. I can count on 2 hands how many times that has happened in my lifetime so i have Linda to thank for helping me to have that great feeling again. Thank you.

                                                                Steve Semmens

                                                                I have suffered with continual back problems for years before I came to see Linda. I am amazed that it only took one treatment with Linda to lose most of my pain and to be able to move freely and flexibly. I was also surprised that her methods are so gentle yet so effective. Linda has an extraordinary gift to locate the source of pain and make it disappear. If anyone is in pain I always refer them to Linda first! 

                                                                  Emma Joleen

                                                                  Before my Pellowah treatment, I felt as though my energy was vibrating at a lower frequency and my mind was racing with procrastination. Following treatment, I felt uplifted beyond the previous mindset and taken to a new level, where I was able to let go of limiting beliefs. I felt as though I was reborn, as if every cell in my body had been renewed, recharged and thus, my energy was raised to a more positive, higher frequency. In this state, I am more open to giving and receiving with an open heart. It’s similar to a veil being lifted and thereby, allows me to view the world with new eyes, from a broader perspective. With Pellowah, I feel a direct connection to source. It clarifies my direction and purpose in life, lighting the way for me to see which path to take. I’m always shining brighter after a Pellowah treatment. Thanks Linda 🙂

                                                                    C. Porter

                                                                    I was suffering from anxiety which also at times turned into panic attacks. This had been happening for at least the last 12 to 18 months.The anxiety/panic attacks would just come at anytime anywhere and all I wanted to do was to escape from that situation or place I was in and try and get my breathing back to normal.With some spiritual knowledge I knew it was deeper than a physical reaction in my brain and that medication from the Doctor would only mask the anxiety/panic attacks but not resolve why these were happening to me.After much discussion with the Doctor I signed up to ‘A Mental Health Plan’ and saw a physchiatrist for six, one hour sessions. I went once a week for the hour and I learnt some breathing techniques, relaxation tips and talked about my past. After each session I would go home upset as all these issues where brought up but were not being resolved. As the anxiety/panic attacks were happening in between my sessions I felt that this was not working.After another panic attack I knew I had to seek spiritual guidance so I rang up Linda and we spoke about what was going on and made my fist appointment

                                                                    but before my first appointment Linda asked me to write a story of my life and email it to her. That was hard but very interesting to see what came up when you think you have forgotton or forgiven the past events.I had my first visit with Linda, a ‘Personal Power Breakthrough Session’ that went for 3 hours. I did lots of visualization and time line therapy. It was a very emotional time and I felt weird afterwards as there was so much energy bought up from my past, but it was such a breakthrough!!

                                                                    After my first session I was given homework each night until my next visit, and doing this just showed me so many things about my thought pattern.Since seeing Linda I have not suffered any panic attacks only a little bit of anxiety that only lasts for a few seconds as I just tell myself to spiral up (one of the many things I have learnt from Linda!).

                                                                    Linda is an amazing humanbeing with so much knowledge and love. I know if I have a moment of doubt I can call Linda and within a couple of seconds have no idea why I called because everything is “okay”.  I am very thankful for Linda and I know I have an amazing life journey before me. C. Porter July 2007. 


                                                                      Pellowah healing for Horses

                                                                      Well thought I’d share an experience with you and I am glad I had the ability to help.  My beautiful American Saddle Bred Mare.  Went down yesterday with a bellyache, at first I thought it was colic but even though she was acting like she had colic something was different!  I have owned a horse stud for over 22 years and horses all my life and this had me stumped so I rang the vet for info over the phone.  Fearing the worst (snake bit, poisoning or a perforated gut.) I was sweeting as much as the mare was by the afternoon.

                                                                      I had tried to give her a healing twice and she would sit up and push my hand away with her head each time as I would start.
                                                                      It was coming on to sunset and with the beautiful pink, yellow and purple mix in the sky I said to my mother who was helping me as always.  That I was unsure what else to do.  the vet said to give her a pain needle and wait.  this did not seem to do a lot for a while and then she laid flat on her side.  So I knelt beside her head and placed my hand on her forehead and asked if I had permission to help with a healing and if it was her journey to leave us now then could I help her to pass more comfortably.  I felt a positive energy and a light voice telling me it was alright.  So I sat with her and gave a Pellowah healing and she really started to sweat,  I was remarkably calm (usually I would be a raving Looney by now) to say it worked wonders is an understatement,  Some may say it was the needle but until then nothing much was happening.  And guess what!  She started to stretch and I thought she was going to start to spasm (sign of poisoning) then she tried to roll (sign of colic)  then after an all day episode of up and down and uncomfortable wonderings She sat up passed a large amount of wind stretched out again and got up all within an hour.  she shook herself and started eating!  (horses wont eat if they are in pain or sick)  and she had been great since.  even went for a run.
                                                                      So miracles do happen and I thanked all involved for their help.  Love that horse and so glad that it was not her time to go.

                                                                        Maree Barclay

                                                                        I had intended to attend a three-day workshop on Pellowah Healing that Linda Benn was conducting but a week before was diagnosed with Shingles.  I contacted Linda and told her I was too sick to attend but she suggested she do a  Healing on me the day before the workshop when she would be in town.

                                                                         I met Linda for the first time and had a ten minute talk with her.  She then carried out the healing which lasted for about 45 minutes.  At the start of this healing I was feeling extremely tired and unwell with a lot of pain in my right arm and felt that I would not have the energy to attend a three-day workshop.  After the healing, in such a short time, I found my energy level had lifted and I wanted to attend the workshop.
                                                                        I did – it was an incredible experience with the added benefit of a healing each day.  Linda is an exceptional person with great enthusiasm for the work she does.  During the workshop I learned a lot about myself and was taken on some some ‘out-of-this-world’  experiences.  The meditations were great and the dancing fun and relaxing.
                                                                        No pain from the Shingles remains and my energy level has stayed high.  I conduct healings on both my husband and my dog.  Both seem to benefit from them.
                                                                        It is interesting how people sometimes come into your life when you are in need of help.  This is what happened to me when I met Linda and attended her workshop.  Thanks Linda. 


                                                                          Interview – Pellowah healing testimonial

                                                                          • How did you hear about Pellowah?

                                                                          My daughter asked me to come along to an information evening that Linda was presenting.

                                                                          • What interested you about Pellowah?

                                                                          The belief system resonated with everything I believe in and I was drawn to experience it which I did by receiving a healing and then wanted to learn the technique.

                                                                          • Can you describe your experience during a healing?

                                                                          I felt very weighted down and dropped into a very deep zone. I felt very peaceful.
                                                                          What was your experience after the healing?

                                                                          Immediately after I felt very emotional but after processing over night I felt very calm and content. I had frozen shoulders for 3 years and that night I noticed virtually no pain in my shoulders and greater flexibility which has continued ever since. I felt some energy happening in my diaphragm and had tenderness in my lower back and coccyx area and it appeared to be shifting.

                                                                          The next day I burnt myself on the oven quite severely but my vibration has raised where it did not hurt at all and the healing process was accelerated leaving no scar.

                                                                          I had a lot of pressure in my head and the energy shifted over several days over the top and the sides to the back cranial bones and my vision was out of focus, that lasted for 3 days and on the 4 th day I woke up feeling on top of the world.

                                                                          So I believe that the cranial plates were realigned.

                                                                          • What have you felt different emotionally?

                                                                          I feel like I am more standing outside and looking in now instead of getting emotionally involved. More objective though still compassionate.

                                                                          • Have you noticed any other changes within yourself?

                                                                          I think it is a more conscious appreciation of being alive, really enjoying my walks in the park in the morning, valuing my relationships, actually enjoying getting out of bed in the morning which has been a struggle for quite some time, enjoying simpler food and the simple things in life. I feel I am not as hungry and eating less, as the light fills you there is not a lot of room for food. Overall it has accelerated my journey to be the person I am meant to be.
                                                                          I thank spirit for sending me this gift.



                                                                            Brisbane, 2006

                                                                            I have had chronic headaches for 12 months, I felt exhausted and had x-rays, scans, and had many other types of treatments in that time though the pain was getting worse. I came to Linda to release my neck for my headaches and then started listening to the sound therapy tapes. My next treatment I had a Pellowah Healing and continued to listen to sound therapy which has been 1 month now, I feel better within myself, have had no headaches, I am calmer and less stressed and better able to deal with the stress with my family.


                                                                              Michelle Hermans

                                                                              Brisbane, 2006

                                                                              Linda has been treating me for over 4 years (and during 2 pregnancies) using a combination of her techniques. It is the most relaxing, pain free and effective way i have found having a whole body relaxation.


                                                                                Kath Williamson

                                                                                Ecossentials Rockhampton Qld. May 2006

                                                                                My life has changed dramatically since Pellowah!  Most importantly, the blockages that held me back from having wonderful relationships have gone and my life is truly happy.  I am so thankful that I was guided to Pellowah Healing – I won’t look back!” Thanks Linda!

                                                                                  Melissa Selby

                                                                                  Brisbane Qld. Feb 2006

                                                                                  Attending Linda’s workshops of Level 1 & Level 2 Pellowah were amazingly life changing. Changes, some ever so subtle have given a new value and understanding to my life. I feel more focused, I am able to concentrate for longer and I feel more in control of myself and my feelings. I have noticed a gradual increase in positive energy and the thoughts I now choose to keep are definitely more positive and productive than those before. Since doing the workshops, I have been able to meditate a lot easier, being more calm and relaxed. My thoughts feel “clear” or “washed”, where everything has been sorted out and has been put in place. The unnecessary thoughts and feelings have disappeared and the remainder have been tidied up leaving more room for new, bigger and better thoughts while also making it easier to concentrate and relax my mind. My sleep has improved immensely. I now sleep very heavily and have very vivid dreams.

                                                                                    Di Crocker, Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager

                                                                                    Brisbane Qld. Apr 2006

                                                                                    Prior to receiving Pellowah treatments I would feel overwhelmed, anxious and unbalanced in my life. My life would feel like it was spiralling out of control like I was on a treadmill not going anywhere, just exhausting. Since receiving the Pellowah healings, I feel more at peace within myself as well as having increased awareness. I feel connected and guided by the Universe where I receive clarity of information and things just happen easily without the anxiety. My trust in the universe has amplified and I feel more emotionally balanced and grounded. I am more in control of my life and not caught up in the “rat race”. It has also raised my awareness in striving to be a better person where my ethics and values have improved my making decisions based on values and ethics rather than on ego. My energy levels have increased, I feel more positive along with attracting positive people and events into my life. I am more discerning whom I choose to let into my circle. I have also had a Facial Harmony treatment from Linda and was amazed how well it works.

                                                                                      Rose Ann Hamilton

                                                                                      Charters Towers Qld. Jan/Feb.2006

                                                                                      First absent healing – I knew the Pellowah team were there even though I hadn’t got Linda’s phone call just before. I saw a wall with symbols on it, I later checked the website and some of them were identical to the ones published on the net, except there was quite a lot more. I was aware of my own team of Spiritual Helpers having a conversation with the Pellowah team though I do not recall what was said, only that it felt good. I could feel where the energy was being directed. It was very strong, I felt pinned down to my bed and the energy was directed to specific areas which were in keeping with where the Chakra Systems are. At the end of the session I felt energized and grounded and have had an abundance of energy ever since. I find that it easier to break old habits that are working against me, and I want to do more constructive things for myself.  Second healing – approx one month later.  This time it was different. I heard a voice say  “Are you ready to start?”  Then I wasn’t so much aware of what was taking place in my physical space as the first time, I saw a lot of things that I don’t know what they represented. As in the last healing I feel stronger within myself, yet this time I find myself seeing things that have happened in my life from a different perspective. I did the Pellowah Course and feel  I am more discerning of when I am being reactive and move forward quickly with a positive approach. I feel I am not getting bogged down. After my 3rd healing I felt a shift in my pancreas and have improved my overall health.


                                                                                        Jan 2006

                                                                                        I recommended a healing to a very ill friend of mine who has been through a lot of physical and mental trauma. She also has emphysema. My friend said on her first healing she found herself at some Pyramids. She heard a voice say to her “You know you are from The Palaides don’t you”. My friend got up and started walking for the first time in 12 months, she started writing on the computer and even had the courage to go out in the sunshine for a while each day since then.  On her 2nd healing My friend said she felt like there was a band around her forehead then she completely went out to it and woke up an hour later. She noted that she had been without her oxygen mask for the whole time and wasn’t even aware of it. My friend said she felt so full of love it was almost unbearable.

                                                                                          P. Harding

                                                                                          Kirwan Qld. Feb 2006

                                                                                          Since doing the Pellowah Healing course I feel more energized and have more zest for life! I am thinking positively and making better choices both personally and professionally. I am happier and more positive than I have ever been, I can see clearly where I am going in life in a natural & spiritual sense. Overall my level of awareness and consciousness has greatly expanded.

                                                                                            T. Ferrington

                                                                                            Elimbah Qld, Aug 2005

                                                                                            Since the Pellowah there has been a major shift in my relationship, because it was really really stuck, and the love certainly was not flowing. Now I am happy to say, we are operating on a love level more than not.  I find using the symbols calming, and sometimes do them at night before bed, and have etched my own symbol as doodles when bored on bits of paper. Both of us have done Pellowah sessions for others, who have enjoyed the experience. My friend said afterwards “Why did you keep tapping me on the shoulder throughout the session?” I might add, I did the healing in the church on their property, which was a wonderful place to do a Pellowah session. Thank you for making Pellowah available to us and to our lives, and thankyou for being inspiring and generous.

                                                                                              Nick Williamson

                                                                                              Glebe, NSW, July 2005

                                                                                              I originally came across Linda by intuitively choosing her from the Yellow Pages to give a friend a massage for his 40th birthday. He raved about Linda and continued having sessions. Upon visiting Brisbane I too decided to have a massage and once I learnt of Ortho-Bionomy and Pellowah Healing I also decided to try these. Subsequently, I then chose to learn the Pellowah Healing technique levels 1 & 2. Not only has Pellowah helped me in my life by giving me more self-awareness but I can also see old resistant patterns slowly dissolving. Linda is a great, sincere and caring healer who walks the path of someone committed to helping others and  the well-being for both her clients and herself. Whenever I am Brisbane I always plan a visit to see Linda.

                                                                                                Lynda Boyle

                                                                                                Cannon Hill Qld. May 2005

                                                                                                Late last year I was in terrible pain.  I was unable to move my neck and lift my arm.  After consulting my GP who prescribed medication I decided to call Linda on the advice of a relative.  That was a Wednesday and by the Friday I was up dancing at my Christmas party.  I had previously gone to a Physio for any injury and for treatment for a car accident, I would not go back to a Physio again.  I have now been seeing Linda on a monthly basis since last November, my body responds well to all treatments and there is no physical pain at all.  I am currently pregnant with my second child and I find Linda helps tremendously with my ever changing body.  I recommend all of Linda’s treatments, I always feel tremendous after every treatment and it clears my mind for the day ahead.

                                                                                                  Susan Golding

                                                                                                  Thorneside Qld. Aug 2004

                                                                                                  Linda’s healing practice called Ortho-Bionomy® has improved my quality of life immeasurably.  I came to Linda several weeks ago and within three treatments over a two week period I was able to use my upper body to do simple things eg. reach a shelf without pain which had been very painful before my first treatment.  Linda’s ability to intuit the best practice for my particular challenge was spot-on.  Thank you Linda for caring and for using your wonderful gifts to enhance lives.

                                                                                                    Pamela Grayson

                                                                                                    Bulimba Qld. Aug 2004

                                                                                                    One year ago, Linda introduced me to Cranial Sacral treatments and Ortho-Bionomy®.  The physical results are excellent, and these treatments are pain-free with energy shifts and releases that one would term “blissful”.  Highly recommended!!

                                                                                                      B. Dresher

                                                                                                      Greenslopes Qld. Aug 2004

                                                                                                      I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my shoulders and upper back.  I had been having regular (and quite painful) massages and physiotherapy treatments.  When I first went to see Linda, I had never heard of Ortho-Bionomy® and was doubtful that such a gentle treatment could generate results.  However, I left that appointment feeling much more balanced and decided to make a further appointment.  Following three of Linda’s treatments, the pain I was experiencing has gone, my posture has improved, and I can feel that the treatments are having a cumulative effect.  I still find myself surprised at the pain free, gentle nature of the treatment, and the results experienced.

                                                                                                        Shane Ellis

                                                                                                        Senior Consulting Lawyer

                                                                                                        Linda Benn is a great person and a very talented speaker & trainer. I recommend her to you to assist you where you consider that her talents lie. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

                                                                                                          Rosemary Medieros


                                                                                                          I met Linda Benn and was extremely impressed with her wealth of knowledge.

                                                                                                          Linda specializes in the area of motivational speaking, workshop facilitation and coaching. Along with her expertise in healing (mind, bodyand soul) all aspects that empower individuals and group sessions.

                                                                                                          I am an an actor in San Francisco. Linda has coached me and others to have more clarity and assurance in our jobs. Linda has a gift that has made such a difference in my auditions and other parts of the acting job where before I was fearful, doubtful of my own abilities, she taught me to see everything with a new perspective.

                                                                                                            Patricia Cramer

                                                                                                            Founder of World Schools of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts

                                                                                                            Linda Benn, is a committed and inspiring leader and a sincere and selfless contributor. She is forthright, diligent and worthy of recognition.

                                                                                                            She provides optimal holistic modalities to people in various settings: Her skills are multi-fold, including Stress Management – relaxation, meditation techniques, breathing techniques, and mind-body connection. She also teaches Structural & Postural Re-education, holistic intuitive bodywork, cranial sacral bodywork, Pellowah Healing and Facial Harmony Balancing.

                                                                                                            Linda’s experience as an individual consultant, bodywork and energy practitioner help to make her a great teacher.

                                                                                                            She is also good at team building skills and techniques.

                                                                                                              Dr. Mark Schillinger


                                                                                                              Linda teaches her clients to improve their team building skills, reduce stress and improve physical health. Through yoga and self-care, Linda shows how to sit at the computer without straining the body. She teaches in the area of stress management which includes meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques.

                                                                                                              She has a decade of experience in holistic health including cranial sacral bodywork, Pellowah Healing and Facial Harmony Balancing. I am certain her expertise will help your staff to experience greater physical health, mental clarity and well being. 

                                                                                                                Rhondda Doherty

                                                                                                                Linda demonstrates a high level of skill and professional integrity in all she undertakes. In addition Linda’s bright and positive personality inspires her clients to be more comfortable and relaxed.

                                                                                                                  Susan Golding

                                                                                                                  I have known Linda Benn since 2001. Linda’s professional approach to her business and incredible passion and care is truly appreciated by her clients.

                                                                                                                  Linda is an amazing person whose passion, strengths and willingness to learn is outstanding. Linda brings joy to wherever she goes and her presence will enhance any business. 

                                                                                                                    Geoff Kirkwood

                                                                                                                    If you are reading this you will want to know about Linda Benn. So let me give you my opinion.

                                                                                                                    Linda is honest to a fault. It is inconceivable to me that she would ever be otherwise.

                                                                                                                    Linda is caring. Her “heartlightenergy” business is all about that.

                                                                                                                    Linda is passionate. I have seen her speak and she inspires audiences.

                                                                                                                    Linda is reliable. We have worked together on a joint project in marketing and she has fulfilled all I could expect.

                                                                                                                    How can I say these things?

                                                                                                                    I have known Linda through both the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA) and Business Network International (BNI) over a period of 8 years.

                                                                                                                    I am a Past President of the Queensland Chapter of NSAA. In addition I was the Master Franchisee of BNI in Australia for six years and a franchisee for ten years. 


                                                                                                                      To learn more about Linda Benn’s Wellness Services and Benefits, click HERE.


                                                                                                                      Linda Benn
                                                                                                                      Redwood City California 94061

                                                                                                                      tel: ✆ 415 290 3793
                                                                                                                      email: ✉ linda@lindabenn.com