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Today being February 22. 222 Means LOVE. Have faith, Everything’s going to be alright. don’t worry about a thing and trust it will all unfold the way it is meant to!! I love numerology and when I see combinations of numbers i know it is a confirmation from Spirit. whatever I am thinking of in that moment it is a confirmation.

I also mentioned this in my last blog in December about the 2’s in the date. Be aware of when you see numbers during your day, it can be the time, a number plate, a sign, a house number, your odometer in your car, whatever it is just know that you are always protected and loved in every moment. Feel gratitude and give thanks – another way to calm the mind and trust it is all perfect just the way it is. this helps you to see situations from a different perspective.

This month I have taken myself away on a retreat, to reflect and go within. I have started a love program for myself, Upgrade Self Love. Would you like to join me? Upgrade the love for yourself to a higher level. Valentine’s Day was last week and this is a commercial way of showing love to someone. I choose to give myself as much love as possible to change the old ways of thinking, old programs running, how I feel about myself and reprogram the negative conditioning. Do you have an old program that comes up now and again?

Each day I will say loving things to myself and love me more! That’s right, we can always pick things we dont like about ourselves and judge or criticize ourselves.  I grew up and was told how fat and ugly I was, after hearing it constantly, I actually believed it. One day I was driving to the gym and thinking how I have to work on toning up my legs, then right next to me coming down the pavement is a man on skateboard with NO LEGS! This was a huge lesson for me to feel grateful that I actually have legs and be thankful that I can go to the gym and workout. Can you stand in front of the mirror and honestly say that you love your body? Honestly 100% love every part?? I know there are always things that we wish to change or improve. What loving thoughts and actions can you give yourself today to appreciate your body and the beautiful temple that carries you through this journey. Today being 222, go do something loving for you, nurture you and really feel it in every cell in your body. Let me know what transforms. Then take this feeling of love and continue it tomorrow and the next day. Changing our thoughts, patterns and old ways is a process one day at a time. I send you all much love today and always.

What is your language of love? everyone has a language of love. There are 5 categories though one will be more prominent than the others. They are – Physical Touch/Affection, words of affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time.

Find out from your loved ones what their language is and give more of that love to them. They will really appreciate that you are in tune with their language. Your connection will grow stronger because you understand each other better.

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