This is your opportunity to go deeper into the 5 steps to take your Soul from “trauma to thriving”, resulting in freedom, love, peace and joy.

In this interactive Benn Renewal Program 1/2 day workshop – Online you will discover tools to help you have clarity, purpose and direction for your next steps.

We are all on a journey navigating our way on this planet, for some it is easy and for others it has been experiences of trauma, disappointment, betrayal, fear, abandonment, rejection, and grief. When we feel stuck on our journey, remember this is just a temporary obstacle to learn and grow as we peel back the layers of the onion.
Benn Renewal Program 1/2 day workshop – Online

Be kind and loving to yourself in these sensitive moments. As a soul we are all re-remembering why we came here to have these experiences to feel freedom, love and laughter which is our birth right.

In this Benn Renewal Program 1/2 day workshop – Online, we go deeper step by step into each of the R’s. This live class with Linda Joy is online for 4 hours on zoom to unpack the 5 steps. You will receive a digital workbook to download and complete each section throughout the workshop. The workshop is from 10.30am-2.30pm AEST or 430pm-830pm PT.

When you register, the zoom link will be emailed to you.

The 5 steps in the Benn Renewal program are the foundation to the BENN Method.

The 5R’s stand for
o Release
o Realign
o Restore
o Rebalance
o Re-energize

Are you emotional eating, burnt out, stressed, insomnia or have health issues?

Are you a burnt out stressed professional seeking a stress-free life? You want energy, focus, productivity to have resilience and balance in all areas of your life.

The BENN method™ is a transformation tool incorporating the 5 steps of Benn Renewal Program 1/2 day workshop – Online. This program helps brings people back to their true authentic self of love, joy, peace, and freedom.

In this Benn Renewal Program 1/2 day workshop – Online you will discover the 5 important steps to go from-

– Chronic stress/pain to freedom, energy & vitality

– Release negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions to inner peace & joy

– Frustration, lost direction, trauma to clarity, empowerment & on purpose.

This Benn Renewal Program 1/2 day workshop – Online workshop will help you to –

rewire your brain to success rather than disappointment, suffering and “not good enough”.

Giving you the ability to enjoy all aspects of your life and receive the results you deserve.

Benn Renewal Program 1/2 day workshop – Online

What is your Soul Purpose?

What is holding you back from living in bliss, love, laughter, joy and success?

Through the 5 steps, we delete all the programs that make us feel-

  • unlovable
  • victimized
  • undeserving
  • unworthy
  • not enough
  • angry
  • fearful
  • sad and disheartened.

To a place of grounded wholeness that lives in a high vibration. Regardless of everything around us, let’s see what is possible for to Benn Renewal Program 1/2 day workshop – Online?

When in alignment with your purpose, you will have clarity on your direction. Plus clarity on your goals. Why are you here and what do you choose to contribute to society, to the planet or to humanity?

By being your true authentic self your heart knows what your purpose is – its embedded in the place of joy within you. Your true essence. Its the reason for being here on the earth now.

Give yourself this gift of freedom within your soul…… register below

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