The events that are happening now are to help you to recognize and accept some concepts and to allow you to grow through the different levels. At each level, certain mastery must be achieved before you can go to another state of awareness. You can learn and experience more than one level at a time but the full understanding must be achieved before you fully develop to that next level.

Achieve a new state of consciousness

1. The first step to enlightenment is probably one that most of you are all aware of. The acceptance and basic concept that you are more than a physical body and are a spiritual being connected with all other beings and also to a oneness that is pure.

2. You are constantly creating circumstances in your life through thoughts and actions. This may be a concept that you need to sit with and experience before fully understanding this or having it fully work for you.

3. All beings have a soul purpose. A basic drive that you are drawn to no matter how unusual or removed from the mainstream. This is essential for your learning to listen to your inner calling no matter how big or small. Once you listen to this you begin to find your soul’s journey.

4. Learning to find the aspect of control over heavy emotions. There are always going to be people or events that are not in line with your way of thinking. Do not get caught up in dramas or take too seriously other people’s words.

5. Time exists only in the now. Time is not present in the past or the future and your energy should be focused on just this moment. All manifestation should be focused upon the now to occur. There is so much peace and happiness by focusing on and enjoying the exact moment that you are in. Do not confuse this with not planning ahead but don’t spend so much time focusing ahead that you lose the happiness of right now.

6. Practice forgiveness to all. Look for the good in people and situations, not the bad. As you forgive, you see a situation or perhaps a person in a different light. You are accessing your higher self.

7. Be involved in changing the planet. You are not responsible for the earth’s destiny but your thoughts must be placed on the better for all. When you are ready for growth you will feel the need to be involved in the planet, the animals and all beings. You will not focus on the sadness but focus on small areas that you can help. You are actively showing your support to a person or situation that affects many others. You are changing group consciousness.

8. Respect. Beginning with your self and respecting others and allowing them to follow their own journey.

9. Compassion. This goes hand in hand with your higher consciousness wanting to get more involved in areas that affect the masses and not just yourself. Bringing love and light into every situation brings upon great changes.

10. Self-mastery. This occurs when you are listening and practising as if you were a spiritual being and totally in a state of awareness and using your own power within all aspects of your life.

Be the light. Radiate the light. You are the light.

When everyone on the planet focuses on the light together we can raise consciousness and vibration. There will always be darkness but the light can outshine the darkness.

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