Claude Monet once said

“My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.”

Restoring your relationship with nature in any form contains the power to change your whole life. Our busy lives do not allow us to always stay very close to nature and it is understandable for everyone but we can still find ways to build a connection with nature even staying in our homes. Gardening is one of the easiest ways to feel linked with nature. For most people, gardening is a very heavy responsibility so they lose interest even if they like having plants and greenery near them. It is so important to understand and learn the countless health benefits that gardening brings.

Control Heart Diseases
Gardening is not just a hobby but it is also considered as a cardio sweat-fest that provides strong heart health benefits. People who spend some quality time in their gardens are less likely to get a heart attack or stroke. Gardening has stress reduction capacity which combines with physical exercise to restore your connection with nature. The healthy environment that we get from spending time prolongs our life expectancy by more than 30 percent.

Control Climatic Changes
We always talk about global warming and how it is affecting our lives but there is something we can do on an individual level. Gardening can help to reverse global climate change. The harmful greenhouse gasses can be reduced using vital green space that is created with your gardens.

Strong Immune System
There is an auspicious bacterium that is found in soil, that bacteria is known to improve your immune system. Plus have house plant inside is not only good Feng Shui, it cleans and purifies the air inside your home.

Hand Strength
Strength, flexibility, and coordination of your hands are very important. Gardening is the best way to achieve these three things at the same time doing little effort in a fun way.

Restore Your Belief in Growth
One of the most interesting benefits of gardening is that it brings back your faith and belief in growth and nature. Nature can be your friend, if you spend your time with it, you will receive many rewards and feelings of balance and harmony. When you plant a seed and give your time and energy to watch and grow it, you are also attaching your emotions with it. Seeing your plants growing gives you immense happiness and joy.

Healthy Mind
Gardening not only keeps your body healthy but it also gives strength to your mind. It’s a real good workout not only for your body but also for your mind. According to the researchers the gardeners become very keen learners. They learn every day from the growth and behavior of different plants.

There are things in our life we cannot change no matter how hard we try, what we need to understand is that it is useless to get your mind stuck on such things. When you find something really productive to do, it not only helps you grow as a person but also promotes your mental health.  To restore your balance and peace, contact Linda an international holistic health coach who will guide you back to your perfect health and wellbeing.