There are two types of people in general, complainers and appreciators.

The lives they get to live are totally different.

For complainers, life is really unfair and disconsolate. On the other hand for appreciators, life is joyful, bright, and full of happiness.

Now consider one thing, you see a glass full of water, if you are a complainer you will surely see a glass half empty and if you are an appreciator you will see a glass half full of water.

The point is very simple, both types of people get the same number of opportunities but the only thing that makes them different is the way they look at these opportunities.

It is understandable that sometimes life puts you in aches and painful situations and you never realize when you have started being a complainer. But what you can do is get a new thought process of looking at things.

You will meet a lot of people in your life that will have very negative energy and the only reason for their gloomy personality is their constant complaining about everything that happens in their lives.

I am not happy with what’s going on.

I wish this thing could have turned out better.

Why always me?

We have heard a lot of people constantly saying these kinds of statements. This negative language not only makes their vibes negative but it also affects their ambience. What you can do is try to be discerning with complainers, always let whatever they say slide off like Teflon, not allowing their energy to affect your day.

How gratitude can change your life?

Acceptance is the key to everything. Remember today there are thousands of people crying for the things you already have. Life may not always go smoothly like you want, you may come across events in your life that cause pain and discomfort but what is constant is your perception of how you look at things.

No matter what you are going through, always count on your blessings. These blessings will restore your faith and will contribute towards your healthy life. Believing in the timings of nature is everything, you will receive what you are meant for at the right time at the right place. Divine timing.

We understand to always look at the brighter side of life, sometimes it is not that easy but gratitude can make things so smooth. Gratitude can play a huge role in dealing with your issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. What you can do is to make a gratitude journal, where you can write at least one to three things you are grateful and happy about in a day. After a month or a year maybe your journal is full of things you are happy about. Looking at the journal will give you an idea that no matter how many stones life throws, you still can find ways to keep yourself going in the right direction.

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