Our present life is so fast-paced that we find it hard to process our feelings or thoughts at some points. It feels as if life is racing by and you’re still stuck in moments in time where you felt broken, sad, alone, or unhappy. When this happens, we don’t get the chance to live in the moment and take in life as it is. This can lead to a weaker connection with yourself. However, mindfulness can help. 

The principles of mindfulness

Follow these seven principles of mindfulness to connect to yourself and the lives around you:

  • Trust

It means that one should trust their experiences, feelings, and intuition. You can’t become someone else, so trust yourself and your inner feelings, even when you make mistakes. 

  • Non-striving

It means to invite an unfolding to happen within. Everything that we do, has a purpose or goal. Whereas meditation allows you to live in the moment without trying to do anything about it. 

  • Non-judging

This principle frees you to go with whatever arises. Our mind puts labels on things based on how they make us feel, which can soon lead to finding it difficult to be at peace. Mindfulness lets you recognize how and when you’re judging things. It lets you observe whatever happens and also your reaction to it. 

  • Acceptance

The principle of acceptance teaches you to accept moments as they are. It lets you see what is actually happening around you and what you can do about it. It teaches you that whatever you’re experiencing at this moment, will soon change. And you have to accept that as well. 

  • Letting go

This is a gift you give to your own self. It teaches you to build a space in your heart that is free from all sorts of attachments and focuses only on what is here. Instead of holding onto attachments of how you think things “should” be, embrace things as they are. 

  • Beginner’s mind

This principle lets you get free from the shackles of your experience and open yourself to new possibilities. A lot of the time, what we think, comes in the way of what we see. But a beginner’s mind lets you see things as if they’re happening for the first time then feel the excitement that comes with that.

  • Patience

Patience is living with the fact that everything unfolds in its own time. Some things, no matter how badly you want, won’t happen until the time is right. You need to open your mind and body to flow with whatever happens and don’t ruminate over the things that are taking a long time. 


Mindfulness is considered a power because it gives you the ability to stay conscious of each moment and discover the happiness you feel inside. We are always striving for something better in life, but when in the present moment, there is nothing better! 

With mindfulness and self-care, you can give yourself a break that your mind has been waiting for. If you want any assistance, get in touch with Linda Benn by booking an appointment.