We specialize in wellness programs for elite frequent travellers. One of our most requested services is our Jet Lag Recovery.

Jet Lag is a major disruption to our internal body clock, circadian rhythm and endocrine system. Jet lag causes physical and emotional symptoms that include fatigue, insomnia, confusion, dehydration, headaches, coordination issues and even memory loss.

Linda Benn and her team specialize in a unique healing method that is proven to speed up the recovery from Jet lag. Business and other frequent travellers do not have time to take days off for recovery in our busy world, and no one wants to attend an important meeting, event, or proposal suffering from the effects of jet lag.

Our Jet Lag Recovery Session brings our clients’ physical and emotional bodies into alignment. Being in alignment helps us to feel balanced, focused, have mental clarity, make clear choices and decisions, and think strategically.

Sessions are received live in person over Zoom. During the session you can sit comfortably while you receive the treatment to release any blockages, congestion, stress and trauma and bring the body back into alignment. This also realigns the body structure to restore the chi or “life force” via acupuncture points and meridians to re-balance the central nervous system and supporting systems to function at optimal levels. The result leaves the client feeling confident, energized with vitality. The immune system is improved along with digestion and absorption. While immediate results may include relieving of aches and exhaustion, the healing process will continue on a cellular level, as the body is fully able to evaluate its new information and unwind.


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