What is a card reading?

Intuitive Readings can offer clarity, insights and realizations.

Intuitive Tarot or Oracle cards are a powerful connection between you and the Universe.

Do you wish you had a crystal ball to find out all the answers to your questions?

You do…… all the answers are inside of you though sometimes it helps to receive confirmation from oracle cards.

The Intuitive card readings are used to communicate to the heavens. These can include angels, archangels, ascended and enlightened beings, masters and your guides. They are dedicated to guide you on a path of joy and happiness. They are like a bridge connecting you so that they can offer their direct support and guidance.

You may feel that readings are spiritual, psychological, or just for fun. The profound messages and wisdom, underlying thoughts and assumptions affect your daily lives.

How can a card reading help you?

Your angels and guides are constantly sending you messages.

Sometimes you are not paying attention or you talk yourself out of the message you think you are receiving.

Intuitive card readings can help confirm what you already know.

We are all cosmic beings. Unfortunately, we do not come to this earth with a how-to manual or a map to help navigate through this life.

This is where intuitive card readings can serve as a map or manual. This will help guide you to exactly where you are trying to get to. Or to give you clarity on decision where you are unclear about.

What to expect in a reading

All Intuitive Card readings are in a safe space of healing. I have the utmost respect and care for the cards and of beings that are offering guidance.
The card positions represent:
  • How you feel about yourself now
  • What you most want at this moment
  • Your fears
  • What is going for you
  • What is going against you

The outcome according to your current situation or the question you asked


60 min

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Linda Joy is a Master Healer, Trainer, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator, Coach Consultant, and Intuitive Counsellor on a mission to wake up humanity and connect people with their souls mission.

With over 30 years of experience, Linda Joy developed The BENN Method™ self-care to avoid burnout, plus a 5-Step Program that forms the basis of her work. As well as personal services, Linda Joy offers deep subconscious coaching to help clients make life-changing choices and walk away ready to live a life full of love, balance, peace and joy.