Day 2 – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

The 5R Renewal program is the foundation of the BENN method™ introduced by Linda Benn –
A Wellness Alchemist. BENN = Balance, Energy, Nurture and Nourish. The purpose of the Benn
Method is to help you go from trauma to thriving resulting in freedom, love, peace and joy. The
BENN method™ is a holistic outlook incorporating the 5R Renewal program which is a 5-step
process to connect you back to your true authentic self of love
The BENN Method™ operates through a five-step process that includes the physical, emotional,
mental, energetic and spiritual elements. The purpose is to align your mind, body and spirit, to
empower you to take charge of your own health by healing your own body of illness, disease or
imbalances in your body or mind.
This program will help you to renew your life to overcome obstacles. This comprises of 5
important steps that work together to reach your desired outcome.

The 5R’s stand for
o Release
o Realign
o Restore
o Rebalance
o Re-energize

In the current situation we are all experiencing with COVID. How are you feeling? How resilient
are you? Do you have anxiety about any uncertainty? It is quite normal if you do, though I have
some strategies to help support you which I will share over our 5 weeks together.