New Moon Goal Vision board workshop

New Moon Goal Manifestation Vision board workshop

You are the creator of your reality. What are you going to create? What are your intentions for the next 3 months, 6 months or 12 months?

This is a new decade, new beginnings. Let go of the past, it is gone!
Put you positive energy and intentions into the next decade that will be sensational and keep your energy vibrations high every day with excitement for being alive and here to enjoy your manifestations.

New Moon Goal Manifestation Class & Vision Board – Face to face event in East Brisbane

Come join us to create your vision for this quarter. This is a powerful process to create your vision board on the new moon and plant seeds for your success.

This class is also online or join us in person to create your goals and vision board with purpose, intent and positive energy – register below

In this 3.5 hour intensive class we will
1. Create your goals in all areas of your life
2. Imagine and visualize your dreams you wish for during this new moon
3. Visualization process to place your goals on your time line in your future
4. You will receive a workbook to complete with your intentions and why you want the goal
5. Create a vision board with pictures to take home and hang on your wall

Working with the Universal Law of Attraction.
When you ask for something, you initiate a process that begins with dismantling and removing anything from your life that isn’t in alignment with what you just requested. In order to accept something new, something old must be released. It’s a leap of monumental faith in God and ourselves that “everything will work out”. It always does, but the solution doesn’t always immediately present itself. Many of us wait until we see the solution to have the faith, “I’ll believe it when I see it” but the way this actually works is, “I trust that it’s all working out”. It requires tremendous courage, but its possible. Sometimes the most difficult thing that we lift in a day is our own gaze, in the unknown future before us, but I promise you, this is the most profound step that one can take. Lift your gaze, there’s a bright future ahead.


A goal is a desired result that you envision, plan and commit to achieve: Clear goals increase your confidence, develop your competence, and boost your levels of motivation. You are the creator of your own world.
Imagine means I am a Genie! So open up your imagination to let yourself dream, imagine and be free to create anything your heart desires. The more you focus and put energy into your goal, the more power and energy feeds towards the manifestation and reality of your goal.

If we think about what we want and write down our goals, we are giving the universe clear instructions what we want.

Imagine you can have anything you have ever wanted, let your thoughts be free and write.
What do you really want to be, have, and do?
Think with your unlimited imagination as you write our your dreams!
This class is also online. When you register a workbook will be emailed to you with the call in details. Only $59 online or in person. Message Linda for payment details

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Linda Joy is a Master Healer, Trainer, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator, Coach Consultant, and Intuitive Counsellor on a mission to wake up humanity and connect people with their souls mission.

With over 30 years of experience, Linda Joy developed The BENN Method™ self-care to avoid burnout, plus a 5-Step Program that forms the basis of her work. As well as personal services, Linda Joy offers deep subconscious coaching to help clients make life-changing choices and walk away ready to live a life full of love, balance, peace and joy.