Facial Harmony Balancing

Would you like to look in the mirror and see the reflection there smiling back, looking relaxed and refreshed? Would you like to see the stresses and strains of daily life disappear from your face?

The everyday pressure of keeping up, of struggling to appear good enough, to fit in, becomes a way of life that leaves us no time to relax. No time to smile and remember that deep inside there is a human being longing to live in love and laughter.

Facial Harmony Balancing releases blocked energy held in the meridian system and facilitates a deep space of inner peace which permeates through the body releasing old stress patterns.

You will drop away years of accumulated stress patterns that is showing in the lines in your face and come back to a fresh young look – a natural face lift!

Creating a space of Inner Freedom…
Feeling free, regaining your personal power through releasing old patterns gently and easily enables you to find new solutions for daily challenges. This inner freedom registers on your face, in your well-ness and quality of life.

Your face will be surprised…

… so will the people you meet. sparkling eyes, feeling refreshed and radiating new energy, people will ask you about the secret of your smile.

The rejuvenation of deep relaxation…
Many of us underestimate the need for ‘total switch off’ so that the body can rejuvenate and regenerate its stores of energy. Facial Harmony balancing is a gentle yet powerful technique which provides a cascade effect through the nervous system, providing the perfect environment for deep relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation.

Being in a wonderful oasis of quietness your life forces start to flow again and support every cell of your body. A very deep feeling of well-being infuses your entire system.

Facial Harmony Appointment

By appointment only – treatment is 75 min $180

Special package available for 10 sessions @ $1444 (especially beneficial if considering surgery to tighten skin and reduce lines) this is natural with NO Surgery!

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