What is intuitive bodywork energy healing?

Intuitive bodywork energy healing releases energy blocks that cause pain, illness or disease. I can tune into your body to release holding pattern, energy blocks, trauma, tension and stress that cause suffering.

How intuitive bodywork energy healing can help you

Energetic blockages on the emotional level can lead to – depression, anxiety, dissociation, rage, and other imbalances.

Mentally, these blockages cause unhealthy and limiting thought patterns, such as self-abusive thoughts.

Also leave people feeling disconnected from their own spirit and everything around them. This disconnectedness is at the root of deep unhappiness for many people and is so common in our society.


What to expect in a treatment

During a session I will realign the body structurally to –

  1. restore the chi, or life force, via the meridians
  2. rebalance all the systems and nervous system.
  3. results in the person feeling re-energized and lighter in their being.
  4. re-educate the body with new information to unwind the holding patterns.
  5. the body continues to self-heal, self-regulate, self-balance, self-correct.

For instance, blockages in the throat may create thyroid issues, tonsillitis or infection.

Blockages in the spine may lead to poor posture, chronic back pain or recurring headaches.

Intuitive Bodywork healing

Treatment duration

90 minutes

The fundamental basis for the mind/body work

  • Unprocessed emotions, traumas, and memories are stored in our bodies until they can be processed and released.

In the Energetic Body

  • unprocessed memories create blockages to the flow of energy through various meridians. These blockages then manifest physically or in one’s mental or emotional state.

In the physical body

  • blockages may manifest as tension, pain, dysfunction or disease.

For questions regarding her sessions, call + 61 412-586528 or email linda@lindabenn.com

Sessions Available in person & Online – see below for special packages.

Linda is the founder of the BENN Method™. This includes her 5 step system of 5 powerful steps to renewal, this system is also the basis of her coaching program.

Through my intuitive bodywork, Body Energy Alignment and coaching. I am able to tune into the root cause of the problem. This helps shift the pain. The emotion under the pain maybe grief, fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, or anger. This is also associated with old belief patterns from past conditioning.

I specialize in trauma release held in the body. Either emotional or chronic physical pain. Caused from an injury, accident or traumatic event.

Through my coaching, I empower my clients to make higher choices from their truth.

Even though I started my personal development in 1986. It was in 1990 when I first met my spiritual teacher. This catapulted my healing journey. I had cancer at the time, caused from suppressed emotional pain. Buried childhood trauma which caused depression, suicide, eating disorder and autoimmune disease.

This is “why” I have chosen to help others to heal from past trauma. As well as empower others that they can heal themselves from any health issues.

Over my 30 years of study, plus my own personal healing transformation. I share my wisdom in teaching, mentoring, coaching, consultant, and an intuitive spiritual counsellor.

I am now on a mission to help wake up humanity to connect to their soul. To help understand why we are here, to feel the power of love, compassion and forgiveness within our hearts.

A session includes Intuitive Coaching, Advanced bodywork Energy work, psychic surgery, chakra balance, chakra healing.

Special Packages for Christmas Holidays to help you to realign energetically for the holidays & to your goals to plant seeds for the New Year.

3 x treatments x 90 min = $597

Regular price Individual treatment $280 for 90 min

Bodywork healing intuitive session.

You will feel empowered, confident physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

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A distant healing can be done globally with or without you being present

Linda’s energy work is holistic incorporating the mind/body connection, looking at all aspects of what is behind the physical pain to get to the root cause. This approach has helped thousands of people to shift the emotional blocks/trauma held in their body. By incorporating her coaching skills asking the appropriate questions to help shift the old beliefs, patterns, programs that is causing the pain/discomfort. Linda empowers her clients to make positive changes which automatically heals the illness, pain or problem. You can not heal the physical body with the mind that created it! We can no longer push down the emotion or feeling. Linda’s purpose and mission has always been to help shift consciousness and expand awareness on the planet.

Her workshops & classes are another opportunity to help people make those shifts on many levels by giving them tools to use every day so the healing and transformation continues over time.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes things need to change. Linda’s cancellation policy is 24 hours notice. Otherwise full payment is required. NO SHOW – full balance is due for the session booked. Thank you for your respect and consideration when booking your appointment time.