Pellowah Healing

The purpose of this healing is to empower you. Increasing your personal capacity for positive change to achieve your highest potential. Pellowah helps you to make better choices and have more control in your life. It is 100% pure, as it is not filtered through the practitioner. It is direct energy between the person receiving the healing and spirit. There is no interpretation or diagnosis from the practitioner – it is simple, yet powerful.

Pellowah is an angelic word for ‘a radical shift in consciousness’. This form of healing connects and activates all 12 strands of DNA to unblock and realign meridians within the body – producing a feeling of connection and well-being.

Pellowah is a tool for enlightenment, through the use of this energy we have found it to have very profound healing influence on both physical and emotional levels. People who have been treated using Pellowah healing experience a new and expanded perception of life. It allows them to have a more objective outlook and understanding of their future. It is from these perceptions we create our reality. A person’s growth and change is built on their positive frameworks without trauma. We do not need to break down old frameworks to create new ones.

After a healing, people generally find it easier to monitor and change thought patterns that work against them and feel a new lightness & well being that seems to last, and in fact, get stronger as time goes by. To receive a Pellowah healing a person does not need to have a physical ailment as this modality is for anyone choosing to move up to their next level of consciousness.

Linda was in the first group of 20 students to learn Pellowah healing directly from the founder – Kachina Ma’an in 2004. She has been sharing this powerful healing modality since and introduced Pellowah across the USA in 2006.

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