The BENN Method™ empowers you to go from trauma to thriving. Resulting in freedom, love, peace and joy. This reconnects you with your true authentic self to take back control of your life. By aligning your head and heart.

The BENN Method™ is an internationally proven renewal model developed over 25 years in growing my business in Australia and the USA.

All my programs are underpinned by the BENN Method. The BENN Method is the solution to feeling JOY, being JOY and living JOY.

My magic formula to finding JOY is the BENN Method. The BENN Method is Advanced Self Care for the soul.

The end result is less stress, feeling healthy, happy, energetic and having clarity and focus in your life.

BENN = Balance, Energy, Nurture and Nourish = New Life/New You!

The first step in the BENN Method™ is to begin with the 5 step BENN Renewal Program.

  • Release
  • Realign
  • Restore
  • Rebalance
  • Reenergize

With this solid foundation, the 5 steps gives you the building blocks to create the New You. You will expand your knowledge and wisdom. You will have clarity to make clear choices that lead to a happy, healthy life integrated holistically in every area of your life.

BENN Renewal Program will enable you to see traumatic situations and circumstances from a totally different perspective. This will take your life in the direction of peace, balance and wellness.

The BENN Method™ is an internationally proven renewal model developed over 25 years in growing my business in Australia and the USA.

Using this method, I have healed from cancer, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune without medical intervention.

All these illnesses were the end result of traumatic events from my childhood. This is why I chose a career in holistic healing. I learnt how to heal from my emotional pain in order for me to help other people.

When I reprogrammed my subconscious mind, I was aware of the old patterns and sabotage behavior. My whole outlook on life changed where I saw things from a different perspective.

For example, forgiveness is key! When I forgave the people who have rejected, abandoned, criticized, physically and emotionally abused me. I now feel at peace and feel love and compassion.

” JOY Quotes “

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Linda Joy is a Master Healer, Trainer, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator, Coach Consultant, and Intuitive Counsellor on a mission to wake up humanity and connect people with their souls mission.

With over 30 years of experience, Linda Joy developed The BENN Method™ self-care to avoid burnout, plus a 5-Step Program that forms the basis of her work. As well as personal services, Linda Joy offers deep subconscious coaching to help clients make life-changing choices and walk away ready to live a life full of love, balance, peace and joy.