Reprogram your brain and neurological networks

Reprogram your brain and neurological networks

Reprogram your brain and neurological networks operating from an old program. This requires
you to be consciously aware of your thoughts, thinking, breathing, emotions, feelings, words you say out
loud and aware of an old story you are telling yourself. As you notice these old programs, delete
immediately any low vibration thoughts, behaviors or conversations and reframe the story to what you
choose to create instead. The outcome you choose to experience and focus on the feelings of your
outcome already fulfilled. How does that feel? You no longer can be corrupted from fear-based

Commit to a 33-day habit for yourself – what will you commit to for the next 33 days? Please share, submit it as a DOCX (word file) or PDF.

Have a morning routine – some examples – get up early, meditate, ground, set tasks for the day, mirror work, your thoughts at the start of the day dictate how you will feel for the rest of the day.

First hour of every day is most important – create set points for yourself here are some examples for you to choose from what works for you. 

5am start less distractions on the planet. 1 hour for yourself every morning at 5am. Prepare your mind, your heart, your physical body, your spiritual life = 20/20/20 – exercise & sweat for 20 min first thing in the morning. reduce cortisol increase dopamine. 20 min journal and pre plan your day create a blueprint for your day. 20 min meditation – Reflect on your inner world. Some other suggestions are –  

  • Meditation 15-20 min every morning – loving kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, see ideal future, visualize your ideal day unfolding. Blessing or prayer. 
  • 20 min exercise slow strength training – 5 specific exercises 90 sec each
  • Breakfast protein base shake, superfoods, fruit. Create variety everyday
  • Deep learning – 20 min of learning, listen to podcast, read a book, learn a skill-YouTube.
  • Deep Breathing – deep breaths in for 4, hold for 4, breathe out for 4, rest for 4 – 4 square breathing – relaxes your nervous system, calms your mind, increases oxygen to your brain balance your nervous system and adrenals to reduce cortisol levels
  • Pranayama breathing – nostril breathing – see demo on YouTube
  • Exercise daily – mix it up – do activities you enjoy and want to do daily
  • Healthy eating plan – conscious food choices & mindful eating
  • Life balance in all areas including work
  • Centered & connected to your higher self with meditation
  • Grounding to the earth – use your grounding cord to drain out heavy dense energy
  • Sleep routine – go to bed between 9-10pm – get up at 5am or sunrise
  • stress reduction/resilience, how to remain calm even when triggered