Agenda for the next 7 weeks

Agenda for the next 7 weeks

Agenda for the next 5 weeks

Over the next 5 weeks, we will uncover what is weighing you down. Releasing the baggage or
dirt that we carry. Shifting things and healing them, ascending from fear to courage, contraction
to expansion.

The 5R Renewal Program enables you to upgrade your conscious human operating system to
expand your awareness and shift consciousness. This is achieved by rewiring the neurological
networks in your brain, reprogramming your subconscious mind from old paradigms and
conditioning from your childhood which was passed down through the generations. This
program will exponentially empower your mind, allowing the body to naturally selfheal, self-
correct and self-regulate over time that leads to a healthy, happy and stress-free life

In turn this will help shift mass consciousness and healing on a global scale.

Everyone deserves to have an equal balance in all 8 areas of life. The 8 areas of life are
Relationships, Spirituality, Finances & Career, Health, Creativity, Personal Development, and
Overall Life Vision and Emotional well-being.