Rebalance your body by healing every organ and system

Rebalance your body by healing every organ and system

Morning routine with meditation of scanning your body, have a bar graph with every organ and ask each
organ, what is it operating at on the scale? Deep breathing into that organ and raise to the bar to 100%
functioning. You can visualize a colour and keep breathing until the graph comes to 100% and then lock
it in like a Tupperware lid on a container – feel the click. Then move onto the next area in your body.

Next area of balance is exercise…. What is you exercise routine? Is it balanced?  Listen to your body especially if you are a type A personality and constantly pushing yourself even when your body is screaming and saying stop…. REST!!  Or maybe you are a couch potato and rarely make time for exercise?? Reflect on this and where can you make exercise a priority in your routine or are you over exercising which is causing stress on your body? Balance Yin Yang exercise to help with cortisol levels and stress eg. Cardio workout is yang, yoga is yin (depending on the type of yoga). Be gentle with yourself. Spend time with nature and talk with the nature spirits. Go to the places that bring you peace. Surround yourself with positive people who vibrate at a high frequency and where you enjoy their company to laugh and share positive conversations.

Meditation, breathing, yoga, Qigong helps to bring your mind body back to homeostasis of balance. Having a gentle routine for yourself being aware of your thoughts and beliefs creates balance and peace in your life. Find what works for you. You know your body better than anyone else. Never compare yourself to someone else.

“Each one of us is born with some unique strengths and talents, all linked to our life purpose. Rather than attempting to be someone we are not, let us awaken and develop those talents from within and in doing so make a positive contribution to others we are blessed to have in our life.”

YOU are here to vibrate your light- let it shine!

Expand your aura to accept your I AM presence.

Another area people complain of is not having enough time which causes stress. To help you create work life balance, I have included a table to help you identify and have clarity on where your time is being allocated. From this exercise you can make changes in your daily routine if imbalanced. 

See the table below and include everything that you do every day with the time next to each?

Time Management

Download the Table, fill it and submit it as a DOCX (word file) or PDF.

From this exercise, what is your biggest aha/insights? If your daily times are out of balance, what changes are you committed to putting into place to bring your life back into balance? Add this to your 33-day habit. Please do not judge yourself in any of these areas, it is purely to bring awareness to help create changes to bring your life into balance. 

Today, find the balance in all things you do. Be true to yourself