ReEnergize – Tips to keep your energy high

ReEnergize – Tips to keep your energy high

Tips to keep your energy vibration high

Your thoughts have energy, and your words and what you think instructs your body; what you
focus your attention on – grows.

Your beliefs create your reality. What beliefs are expanding you or contracting you?
Expect a miracle – miracles happen in your life on a regular basis. Look for the miracles!
Focus on the highest priority action and fill your mind with the highest priority that increases
your energy and makes you feel good. Don’t watch drama on Social Media and the news. If you
dwell on the negative this decreases your immune system and your energy vibration.

Lower your stress, be here now in the present moment
Enjoy each moment in the day.

Focus on your Purpose of why you are here…… focus on your WHY..
Be in full gratitude each day, be here now.

When you are truly present it is impossible to be sick. Health issues come from focusing on the
past and the future.

Do you choose to go to a new level of freedom? Living the life you want? When you let go of attachments, when you love, amazing things happen and you open up to lots of Grace.

Our personal vibration is created by the type of thoughts we think, the kind of beliefs we have,
the music we listen to, the TV programs we watch, the focus on our conversations, our
response to the events in our life, the experiences we have gone through and our ongoing
expectations about ourselves and life. All of these items contribute to our level of personal

The higher our vibration the more joy and happiness we experience and the more we are aware
of our connection with Source and the magnificent ways in which it supports and assists our

Imagine living a life overflowing with:

 More joy
 Divine love
 Greater abundance
 Freedom to embrace your dreams
 Gratitude that brings you even MORE
 Vibrant health

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