Restorative Process of your Soul

Restorative Process of your Soul

Restorative Process of your Soul

The restorative process of feeding your body with the nutrition it needs, feeding your soul with wisdom
by meditation, feeding your mind with healing techniques, personal development tools, neuroscience,
and surrender and let go of old negative thoughts, old programs, old paradigms and changing the
neurological networks in your brain to only focus on positive thoughts that make you feel good.

Ask your body what it requires in regards to food or drink? Or exercise, what kind of exercise?

Spend time with nature and talk with the nature spirits. Go to the places that bring you peace. Surround
yourself with people who vibrate at a high frequency and you enjoy their company to laugh and share
positive conversations.

Be mindful about everything you do. Have gratitude for the food you eat. Think about that meal with
appreciation & gratitude, this improves digestion. Do 5 squats improves digestion.

Watch your thoughts, what are you thinking? Focus on being well and healthy. Don’t talk about how
tired you are or how sick you are feeling. Tell your body I feel fantastic.

Muscle test your food drinks and supplements, what does your body need? Ask your higher self is this
food/drink for your highest good? Be honest with yourself, is there an emotion that you are wanting to
numb out? Nurture & nourish your body with healthy food.

Blessing your food and water – use Dr Emoto’s approach. Emoto Masaru, was a Japanese author and
pseudo-scientist who said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.
Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water published in 2004 was a New York Times best seller.

The same approach can be done with food. Say a prayer before eating a meal and bless your food. Set
the intention that the food nourishes every cell in your body and you believe that you will receive all the
nutrients that you require.