Self Analysis

Self Analysis

Now that you have completed this program let’s review what you have learnt and what you will

Q1. Do you have a much clearer understanding of how your thinking affects your results in life? Briefly describe what you have learnt.

Q2. Do you know your top 5 values and what’s most important to you?

Q3. Do you know yourself better as a person than before the course?

Q4. Do you have more clarity and purpose and know what you want? Describe briefly.

Q5. Do you have an action plan to implement for your job/career?

Q6. Describe the benefits of having a plan and knowing what you want.

Q7. Do you feel more inspired, motivated and focused? Describe.

Q8. Describe the benefits of everything you have learnt.

Download the file, fill it and submit it as a DOCX (word file) or PDF.