Why join the Renewal program?

You may have joined this program because you are feeling blocked on some level which we will
uncover and dive deeper in our journey together. From the questionnaire that you have
completed we will look at the areas that are priority for you at this time. We each have
different priorities, this could be health issues, physical or emotional pain, mental health,
stress, anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm, insomnia or burnout. Or you may want clarity and solutions
to your questions on how to deal with problems, how to deal with various emotions like anger,
frustration, sadness, hurt, and childhood trauma.
These experiences of trauma cause energy blockages in your body energetically, emotionally
and physically. The blockage generates the emotion of feeling out of balance or out of control
and having no direction in your life. Know that you are fully supported on this journey, you have
been guided to do this program because you deserve to have a free, healthy and vibrant life.
Whatever it is, trust that you are capable of healing your life. Your outcome to focus on now is
to be free of suffering and be at peace to feel more love.

To be free of suffering and be at peace gives you freedom.

Allow yourself to be open to any wisdom and guidance that you receive. Imagine you are the
diamond in the ground and we are polishing off the dirt. Diamonds come out of the ground to
be polished not because there is something wrong with them, because they are precious.
Life is about freedom. We are all here to experience the freedom and love within us.