May 2022 is one of the most pivotal months this year. May’s energy is intense! It is also a powerful month of transformation Energetically, we move through major cosmic events, retrogrades, and the Pleiadean portal. Plus, a dynamic eclipse season equipped with an ultra-potent Blood Moon on May 15/16.

A total lunar eclipse, happens as the full moon moves into the deep shadow of the Earth. This will be visible from portions of the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, and Africa.

The full moon this month is also called a supermoon being that its closest to the Earth. This makes it a Super Blood Moon eclipse.

The energy of May is about being grounded in your sense of purpose. Truths will come to light that will propel a shift in your life’s direction.

Although the planets are doing all the taking, it’s a time to review your values and how control drives your need for security. You must decide on your life path and trust that choice.

Suppressed feelings and holding on to negative emotions will cause stress and illness. Instead, use compassion and discernment to manage any toxicity in your life. When you shift this energy, you will bring light not only to every cell in your body, but more light to everyone on the planet.

This will allow yourself to come back to your true self as you upgrade your consciousness and shift into higher states of being.

Get ready for an adventurous ride this month – please be kind to yourself during this process.

Here are some tips to remember this month

  • Remember you are NOT a victim
  • You are NOT broken, you do NOT need fixing.
  • Avoid blaming others
  • Things happen for you, NOT to you.  
  • Nothing means anything except the meaning that you give it. 

Are you being triggered by other people’s comments or things not going the way you want? This is a wonderful opportunity for you to go deeper into what is underneath this trigger. What a trigger highlights is an unresolved issue that is ready to be transformed. Ask yourself what is the thought or story you have around this situation?

Its not the thoughts by themselves but the attachment to those thoughts that causes pain, suffering and resistance to reality. 

If you feel frustrated and want to blame others, stop! Stop and observe the feeling of frustration, anger, rage etc. Surrender to it. See it as energy moving. e-motion = energy in motion.

Try this process –

Stop and breathe and observe the emotion. Keep breathing and feel the dense energy, acknowledge it. You are moving heavy dense energy out of your body. Continue this process and celebrate as you shift old layers of programming.

Essentially, May’s energy vibration is of cooperation, balance, love, and harmony. This is a great month for you to reflect on yourself. What changes do you choose to make in your life? Be honest and gentle with yourself. Any change requires bravery, courage and the ability to pick yourself up after a hard fall. Trust and have faith that you have got this!

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