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Linda Benn Interview Dr. Phil

I had the honor and opportunity to interview Dr Phil in LA. His philosophy on healing is so in alignment with mine and how our thoughts can create pain, illness and disease in the body which starts with managing our stress. This is an area I am so passionate about and had my own healing experience to transform my body.

“Live Stress-Free, Be Calm while focused, productive and have clarity on your direction to achieve your goals”

Are you feeling burnt out? Exhausted or fatigued?

Are you feeling stress, overwhelm, anxiety or insomnia?

Or have you gone through major transitions in your life such as illness, disease, divorce, job redundancy, or traumatic events?

Is it difficult to feel energized in the morning? Maybe feeling aches and pains and the energy you used to have just isn’t there and you want it back!

Linda BennThe BENN Method helps you achieve Balance, Energy, Nurture & Nourish.

The BENN Method is a sustainable method to achieve a renewed life of longevity, happiness, health and freedom in your body and mind continually throughout your life. It is a daily practice and through my coaching and guidance, I keep you accountable to achieve your goals.

My name is Linda Joy Benn, I have been named a Transformational Catalyst and Industry leader in the consciousness revolution. I have helped transform thousands of people’s lives over the last 20+ years. I specialize in Holistic Health and help you come back to the REAL YOU, your true authentic self of freedom, love, laughter, fun, joy and adventure.

My journey into understanding the importance of the connection between mind and body started over 30 years ago when I overcame cancer. I met my spiritual teacher at age 21 when I had cancer. He helped me to understand what my purpose was, why I was here and the role to help others with their health and wellness. Plus, why I chose my family and how past trauma can manifest in the physical body if unresolved. I was carrying so much emotional pain of feeling ostracized, unloved, judged, abandoned, not feeling like I belong. I suppressed it for years which turned into cancer. This is why I am passionate about empowering others to take charge of their health and you can heal your own body.

Throughout the years I have travelled globally living in the UK, USA and Australia sharing my intuitive gifts to uplift, to help people thrive by empowering them to lead a healthier, happier and more productive life.

My signature program 5R Renewal Program is a five-step process to release fear, doubt and worry to bring you back to your true authentic self of love, joy, peace and freedom. These 5 steps are the foundation to my BENN Method which is self-care for the soul.

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Linda Benn has been facilitating meditation groups for over 20 years, every month there is a new moon and full moon meditation live and online. For ongoing meditations ie: chakra balance and forgiveness – Please subscribe, follow and share her YouTube channel to continue to receive ongoing support and guidance.

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BENN Method™


This new life is all about your soul renewal journey. Why did your soul choose to be here at this time? What do you want to accomplish on this journey? The Benn Method™ will help you to Nurture your soul, the real you, and focus on all the things that make you feel good and raise your energy vibration. Focus on creating the reality you are meant to live, follow your inner GPS guidance. Be free of suffering and be at peace.

The fact that you are here and have a physical body is amazing. The odds are 1:400 trillion souls. You are amazing and deserve a life of freedom, happiness, joy and unconditional love.

How to “Live Stress-Free, Be Calm while focused, productive and have clarity on your direction to achieve your goals”.

BENN Method™

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5R Renewal Program of

Release, Realign, Restore, Rebalance & Re-energize helps
you to feel renewed.

This is a five-step process, foundation to the Benn Method, to help you return to your original divine blueprint.

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