People often ask me about my bodywork and how I am different from many others in the industry.

I think of the body like a musical instrument and each day we play a different tune, it sends out a vibration to the outside world.” Our vibration or frequency can attract either positive people, events or circumstances into our lives or negative people, events or circumstances depending on what we are thinking, speaking and energetically vibrating out. Doesn’t it seem true to you? The way we feel inside is the same we reflect outside. In other words, if we are feeling sad, we may listen to sad songs, we talk about the sadness or complaining more and thus send the same sad energies to the universe and vice-versa. Our thoughts affect how we feel and the stories and conversations we have. We can choose to play happy high energy songs or music, this lifts our energy vibration and automatically our mood, energy and self esteem lifts.

When our body is out of alignment or unbalanced we may feel pain, tension, fatigue or low energy. This may also be caused by a blockage in our energy flow through our meridians in our body. These meridians or energy channels start from the top of our head down to our toes. The Chinese call this energy flow ‘Chi’ developed over 5000 years ago. If there is a blockage anywhere along the meridians, it stops the flow of energy to the rest of our body. A common area that we feel tension is at the base of our skull and tops of our shoulders. For example this is connected to our gall bladder meridian and related to stress in our lives.

A musical instrument that has strings requires tuning regularly. When the strings are tuned, it plays a wonderful sound that you love to listen to. Likewise, when you listen to your body and clean out any negative emotions or dense energy, this raises your vibration, obviously you will attract positivity and goodness into your life. When we receive professional bodywork or healing treatment, this also releases the blocked energy to help release the stress and tension in the body to relax the nervous system and allow the body to return to homeostasis. As the meridians flow throughout the body, everything is connected, when we release one area, it is quite common that the person can feel a release elsewhere in their body. A Bodywork session also helps us to remain calm when under pressure, sleep better, reduces stress, remain focused, and have the clarity to make clear decisions and have the energy to enjoy the moments with loved ones. In addition to these, the other physical benefits of receiving regular bodywork are increasing circulation and lymph flow for overall health and well-being.

It has been proven that therapeutic touch and bodywork is essential for all ages. There are certain stress issues that sometimes we cannot resolve on our own as we are too immersed in the emotion that is causing it. This is the benefit of receiving assistance from a professional who can help us to achieve a relaxing experience. The quickest and most efficient way to remain calm and stress free is to receive therapeutic bodywork for prevention of illness and disease and to ensure a healthy life!