What is cranial sacral therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a light-touch therapy that aligns the body’s structural integrity, which is the root cause of many structural and spinal imbalances.

This realigning allows our innate intelligence to restore the body wherever there is nerve impingement or impeded circulation.

Giving the nervous system the information via your innate intelligence allows any dysfunctional cells to heal themselves. In doing so, the power of your mind can heal your body.



Pellowah Healing with Linda Benn

How cranial sacral therapy can help you

When every cell in your body is functioning at 100% then you will have optimal health.

Unfortunately, structural imbalances and spinal misalignment can interfere with the transmission of this innate intelligence, causing imbalance and altered cell formation that can cause many health problems and diseases.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is everyone is born with infinite intelligence or “vital force” energy – also known as “chi” in Chinese Medicine.

This is the same intelligence that keeps your heart beating and runs your body.

The nervous system carries this constant, undetectable intelligence to every cell in your body. Doing so supplies your body with all the information it needs to function.

What to expect in a treatment

A cranial sacral session is easy. A client simply lies on a massage table and relaxes to allow the healing energy to do its work. During a session, your body, spine and cranial bones realign and restore balance.

Treatment duration

60-90min usually included with a bodywork session

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