We have all felt stressed at some time in our lives, and it is bound to happen more if we end up in triggering situations. Whether it’s too much workload or some other tension, stress is quite a common issue. But you can gain control over the situation and relax by using these 8 techniques.

  • Recognize the signs of stress

The first thing to take control of a stressful situation is to realize that you are under stress and what can you do about it at that moment. Next, take a note of what things cause you to stress and what triggers a certain emotion. 

  • Learn Breathing exercise

Breathing exercises have proven to be useful in calming yourself down when feeling anxious or stressed. These simple exercises can be done anytime, anywhere, and you can feel good without doing much. 

  • Start small and try meditation.

Give yourself 20 minutes every day where you leave everything and let your mind rest in the present moment. Be mindful and use this time to let go of the stress. Focus on good things happening around you and focus to live in the present. 

  • Humor as a way to relieve stress

Laughter can actually boost your mood by increasing oxygen intake and releasing endorphins in your body. It reduces your stress response or fight/flight and slows down your heart rate, along with physical relaxation too. 

  • Practice Acceptance & Mindfulness

Studies have shown that acceptance along with mindfulness can be really helpful in letting go of stress. When you realize that certain things are not in your control, and when you accept situations as they are, it is easier to let go of them. 

  • Find a de-stressor hobby or activity.

Go out for a walk, do exercise, grab a book to read, or write a journal to let your thoughts out. Find a hobby that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Take time to indulge in your hobbies, this gives your mind something pleasant to focus on.  

  • Watch out for the mind traps.

Several mind traps can be the cause of your stress. Overthinking, negative thoughts, polarising, and creating stories are the most common ones. When you are fixated on what could go wrong, how bad you did something in the past, or when you only focus on the negative things around you, your stress and anxiety will feel worse. Take time out, to filter out these thoughts and realize that you are falling into a mind trap. Reframe your thoughts and focus on all the positive things in your life and speak of what you are grateful for. 

  • De-clutter to de-stress

Cluttered space can also make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Whether it’s your mind or your room, when you are constantly surrounded by the clutter of useless thoughts and material things, it can be stress-inducing. Allow yourself to let go of things, attachments, and things that you can’t change. 

Don’t allow outside circumstances to affect how you feel. Know you are strong and resilient. With regular care, mindfulness, and stress-relieving habits, you will gain control over your thoughts. Realize that these thoughts are not stronger or bigger than you, and you are the one thinking, you have the power to change your thinking in a second.

For more help on stress-relieving activities, feel free to consult with Linda.