The 5 Day to increase your spiritual vibration

Increase your spiritual vibration to reduce stress and anxiety – 5 days to understand how to tap into your own spirit level daily

Raise your spirit level every day to vibrate at a high frequency to attract what you want into your life

You will learn how to own your personal power, to take charge of your life.

In this 5 days Linda will share secrets and tools for you to create a high vibration for your spiritual house = Your Body!

• You will discover how to: Build a solid foundation for your dynamic life by gauging where your spirit level is and how to increase your spiritual temperature each day to naturally feel energetic, vibrant and positive

• 5 questions to ask yourself on a daily basis to create your blueprint for your spiritual journey to stay healthy, happy and productive

• The power of visualization for you to rebuild and realign your spiritual house (YOUR BODY) and rewire your brain to have vibrant health for the rest of your life

• Experience a guided visualization meditation and have the opportunity to ask questions on the Facebook live

• 3 tips to be consistent with gauging your spirit level and what to do if your energy vibration drops. This is so important for longevity, health and wellbeing.

Linda Benn