When you find yourself making judgments, feeling self-righteous or wanting to change something about a situation or a person, use this process to bring your consciousness into the present moment, the now, to let go of the illusion and to align with a new creative energy.

Step One: “Look what I created”
This first step reminds us that we are the creators of our reality. Do not assume guilt for what happens. Take responsibility, but do so free of any self- judgment or criticism. Being quick to judge, we often use this step as a way to beat ourselves up. We say, “Look what I have created. Oh, it’s terrible I must be a terrible person, a failure.” Please do not fall into this trap, for, if you do, you buy into the illusion.

Step Two: “I notice my judgements, but believe in myself anyway”
This step acknowledges that as humans we automatically attach a whole string of judgements, interpretations, questions, and beliefs to situations. Our task involves accepting the imperfection of our own humanity and acknowledging that we have these judgements. Our judgments are part of ourselves, so we must accept them as we accept ourselves. This connects us with what actually is happening in our body and mind and brings us into the present through our feelings. Our energy then shifts quickly and allows us to go to the third and fourth steps of this process.

Step Three: “I am willing to see the perfection in the situation”
This willingness step represents the essential one in any genuine change process. It equates to a surrendering in the moment and the willingness to accept ourselves unconditionally.

Step Four: “I choose the power of peace”
This fourth step represents a consequence of all the previous steps. By accepting that a greater purpose is served in this situation and that what appears to be occurring may be illusionary, we choose to feel peace and to use the power of peace in whatever actions are required of us. The power of peace is found when we are totally present in the moment, acting with clarity and focus to do whatever may be required and be totally aware of our feelings.

Practise this four-step process as often as possible. Make it a part of your awareness. It gives you a way to be in the moment throughout your day.

©1998 Colin Tipping. Used with license.