The BENN Method™: 5 steps for your Soul to go from “trauma to thriving”, resulting in freedom, love, peace and joy.

These 5 steps are part of my BENN Renewal Program which is the foundation to the BENN Method.
The 5R’s stand for

  • Release
  • Realign
  • Restore
  • Rebalance
  • Re-energize

Are you emotional eating, burnt out, stressed, insomnia or have health issues?
The purpose of the BENN Method is to help burnt out professionals have a stress-free life which in turn increases their energy, focus, productivity to have resilience and balance in all areas of their lives. The BENN method™ is a transformation tool incorporating the BENN Renewal Program which is a 5 step process. This program holistically helps brings people back to their true authentic self of love, joy, peace, and freedom.

In this webinar you will discover the 5 important steps to go from-
-Chronic stress/pain to freedom, energy & vitality
– Release negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions to inner peace & joy
– Frustration, lost direction, trauma to clarity, empowerment & on purpose.

What is your Soul Purpose?

What is holding you back from living in bliss, love, laughter, joy and success?

When in alignment with your purpose you will have clarity on your direction & clarity on your goals. Why you are here and what do you choose to contribute to society, to the planet or to humanity?

When being your true authentic self your heart knows what your purpose is – its embedded in the place of joy within you. Your true essence. Its the reason for being here on the earth at this time.

For more than 20 years, Linda Joy Benn, a Wellness Alchemist has been an authority in the healing and wellness industry both in Australia and USA. Having overcome cancer, chronic fatigue, autoimmune and an eating disorder without medical intervention, Linda has the expertise, knowledge and healing capabilities to transform people’s lives.

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