As we are all experiencing unprecedented challenges at the moment, I want to share some tips that I practice to avoid getting dragged into the fear, panic and stress of this current crisis.

This doesn’t take away the unfortunate fact that some people have lost their jobs temporarily and some people have passed away. Though if you look at statistics about ½ million people die of the flu each year.

We also know how this fear creates panic with the toilet paper episodes of abnormal behaviours in supermarkets and characteristics that are not coming from a kind and loving space within our community.

Please I encourage you, don’t let the news and media consume you, (or maybe stop watching it and see how you feel) this is all filled with drama and creates fear. Then depending on who you are talking to it is discussed with others that keeps feeding the fear with all the stories. The fear and panic is more damaging than the virus. If you do like drama, there are several reality TV shows that will fulfil that need for you. lol.

While we are in self isolation this is a perfect opportunity to really listen to our heart, the truth of who we are and allow our hearts to receive the clear guidance during the reflection time. There are so many positives that the world has slowed down from our very hectic busy schedules, even though we are unable to be face to face with others.

Here are some things to consider –

  • We can finally have some quiet time to meditate, slow down our bodies
  • Our adrenals are so grateful to have this rest time to restore
  • Take an afternoon nap or read a book that you have wanted to do
  • Quality time with your family and playing with your kids
  • Every day write out what you are grateful for, this automatically shifts your mindset
  • Enjoy gardening or cleaning up your yard
  • Catch up on all the projects around the house that you have been putting off
  • Clean out closets, the garage, storage units, declutter
  • Call friends and family that you have not spoken to for awhile
  • Meditate and listen to your heart and soul
  • Journal what feelings are coming up for you, even if it is frustration of feeling locked up
  • Run your energies, clear your chakras and keep your energy vibration high
  • Catch up on podcast, movies or study a course online

Write out a list of all your fears with the worst-case scenario, then have a second list of possible solutions to each. This will help you to empty your mind and do a brain dump.

Raise your vibration above the chaos, panic and fear. Know that things will improve. Humans are so resilient! This is an exciting awakening process for humanity. As we come together with heartfelt love and focus our energies on peace, healing, freedom and love, this will help dissolve the fear, panic and the virus to restore stability.

Focus on the power of your vision, your soul, your true authentic self. Connect with your higher consciousness where love reigns supreme. Its here where the most good can be done.

Have faith & trust that we will be stronger and more resilient at the end of this pandemic.

Together we can create miracles.