Have you ever given a thought about questions like, What are we telling our bodies? Do we create or prolong Illness? What is the language or words you are saying when you are sick or not feeling well?

Do you hear people say, I caught the flu from this person or from my kids as they are sick or brought it home from school and made me sick? I was in an office and approached a woman who said: “don’t come too close, I am sick and don’t want you to catch it”. I replied and said, “It is my responsibility to keep my immune system strong and if I ‘catch’ anything it is my fault, no blaming anyone else”.

I was talking with a lady over the phone, to rearrange our meeting time. She had cancelled twice as she was sick for the last 2 weeks. I suggested a week later to give her time to get better. She said she didn’t know if she would be well by then. She was telling me all her symptoms, congested eyes, sore throat, coughing, bronchitis, and lethargy. I listened to her language and how she was talking about her symptoms like she was attached to the illness as it gave her an excuse to withdraw from the world. I suggested to her to rest and take time out to heal her body. Take time to be in meditation, ask her body what it is asking for right now? As meditation allows us to receive the insights and have clarity to what is causing illness usually emotional; you can send these emotions down your grounding cord, and release them you’re your body.

Here I will be guiding you with some steps of how to interact with your body.

  • Practice this on a daily basis to release off any energy that you have picked up during the day that does not belong to you.
  • Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breath, visualize your grounding cord going from the base of your spine straight down into mother earth and connecting with the core of the earth wrapping your grounding cord around the core of the earth.
  • Scan your body, feel where you are holding pain, tension, illness, disease, see which areas or chakras (energy centers in the body) that are holding these lower vibration energies and send all that energy down your grounding cord, hit the release button and keep the flow going. This is consciously commanding or setting the intention. You are in control.
  • Open up the top of your head or your crown chakra and bring in golden white light down through the top of your head to your feet. Visualize this healing light moving down through your chakras and the areas of your body that are hurting, congested, painful or diseased and fill every cell with the golden light direct from the source.

Why does it work?

You have the ability to heal yourself. Anything that is happening in the physical body is an indication that we are attracting it on some level and allowing it into our body. Once you recognize the foreign energy and cut the cord or release it down your grounding cord, it is gone.

We have the power to heal ourselves, though why do we choose to give our power away and/or play a victim role? Maybe because sitting back and complaining appears to be easier than taking charge and changing an old pattern in our subconscious mind. You have heard the victims complain about all the things wrong with their bodily functions, how bad they feel etc. There was a woman on the phone who was wanting to change their appointment with me as she was sick. I asked if she would like to reschedule for next week. She was predicting that she still plans to be sick next week and that she ‘hopes’ to be well enough in 3 weeks as she has a trip to Las Vegas planned. You can live now, why wait 3 weeks and waste your life? Guilty, we have all done it when we are feeling down, bad, defeated, lost our confidence, self-esteem low, at times in our life.

Listen to your body, the body is the barometer of the soul. We are constantly receiving messages, listen to those messages and see the signs. There is no point being negative and sending the same energies to your system. Rather than spooning your body with thoughts, understand its needs and start taking care of it without giving excuses. After all, it is your gift from God, you have to do and take measures to protect it. It is nobody else’s job and nobody is going to do it for you forever.